Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Geek Girl's Christmas Wishlist 2014

So it's that time of year again. Oh my, where should I start? As a slightly techie person, I love the holiday season. Not really because I get so many geeky gifts. I actually don't really. But it's a time to dream, to let my imagination fly free. What if...? If I could let go of my reservations as to when a gadget is actually worth the price? If I could forget our spartan budget when it comes to tech (things we buy have to be useful, answer an actual need, and on the whole present a good deal)? And what if I didn't give a damn about the planet and could make irresponsible purchase decisions (I usually don't replace items on a whim, and don't collect stuff I'd have to charge all the time)? What if I could have any gadget I wanted?

Which ones would I wish for then?
The list is by no means exhaustive. Oh, hell no. But it might give you some ideas about what a geeky girl might like to see under her smart Xmas tree. Another thing, I felt it would be unfair to link any one review for any of these products instead of listing all the great pieces of tech journalism available online. So if you're interested in getting to know more about any of these products, don't hesitate to search the web for reviews, there are tons of them to help you decide. Let's get started.

If you thought to fulfill a geek's dream of (relatively) early adoption and get her a smartwatch, depending on the platform she's committed to (because she's bound to be) and her style, your best options this year are the Moto 360 or the Pebble Watch. Personally I would go as far as getting the steel version, just because even girls 'have to dress up' sometimes. =)

Then again, these beasts tend to be on the chunkier side these days, so if your lady friend is holding out for something sleeker, why not surprise her with a smartband / fitness tracker. My vote this year goes to the Garmin vivosmart (so sexy in Berry), which has a slightly less techie smaller sister in the vivofit, both top of the line fitness trackers.

If you were thinking about getting her something in the more traditional product categories, choices are a bit wider. First of all, there are tons of good tablets nowadays, both on the iOS and Android side, with the odd product running other OSs. But picking any of them depends a lot on what the function will be. Apple's fare (especially the iPad Air 2) is excellent for both gaming and that odd bit of work that might need doing. Android tablets, on the other hand, are usually powerhouses with little to puzzle them, be it entertainment or serious stuff. And they're getting better and better, with HTC's  Nexus 9  out and Nokia's much awaited N1 from Nokia just peeking over the horizon. Not to mention last year's Nexus 7 and Sony's highly praised Z3 Tablet Compact in the 'pocket size' category. However, as with smartphones, it might be tricky to pick the right one for the right girl. If she's a real techie, she probably already know's what she wants so watch out for the hints. (I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit being smitten with that overpriced bit of amazing snobbish tech goodness, the Surface Pro 3.) Similarly, with so many phones around, it's hard to recommend any one over the rest. iPhones now come in two sizes (as a geek I'd go with the Plus, if only for the OIS on the camera), and as for Android, size isn't the only factor. Even devices running the geekiest version of Android are numerous these days, from the Oneplus One (which I own and love) to the Nexus 6 to 'Google Play Edition' versions of HTC's, Samsung's and Sony's phones. What's more, LG's G3 and the Samsung Note 4 are also head to head for the crown this year... So I wouldn't really just pick one up if I wasn't sure it was the right gift.

That said, other categories are a bit easier. I'm very pleased to see Amazon bring back the physical page turn keys on their Kindle Voyage, along with some gorgeous resolution and new Paperwhite technology. And if looking for some crazy accessories, do check out HTC's RE Camera, half price this (Thanksgiving) weekend. And then there are tons of little things, such as NFC tags, headphones, cases and the like. Not to mention the new trend of smartphone controlled home appliances.

So, there are really tons of stuff. And, if I were you, I'd keep an eye out for any deals this weekend. Why not get that lucky girl two parcels for the price of one. ;)


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  1. Yeah, Oneplus One was anamazingdevicefor it's time. The third generation is even better.