Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Geek Girl's Christmas Wishlist 2014

So it's that time of year again. Oh my, where should I start? As a slightly techie person, I love the holiday season. Not really because I get so many geeky gifts. I actually don't really. But it's a time to dream, to let my imagination fly free. What if...? If I could let go of my reservations as to when a gadget is actually worth the price? If I could forget our spartan budget when it comes to tech (things we buy have to be useful, answer an actual need, and on the whole present a good deal)? And what if I didn't give a damn about the planet and could make irresponsible purchase decisions (I usually don't replace items on a whim, and don't collect stuff I'd have to charge all the time)? What if I could have any gadget I wanted?

Which ones would I wish for then?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Lush Staples: Xmas Favs and Longtime Must Haves

[Sorry for not giving you links, but I thought choosing one website (e.g. the US one) over another would be unfair to some of my readers. Search engines are your friend, though. ;) ]

Oh, my. I could swear I had a nice intro for this post already saved, but now, for some reason, it's gone. I can tell you it was pretty witty, though, and I couldn't retype it now for the life of me. I guess I have my witty spells -- and this morning I'm obviously not in one. Well, what the heck. I'll still let you know what my favorite Lush products are, and why I think they make amazing Xmas gifts and reliable staples.