Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to Fix the Screw Holes in Your Bear Bow

Wow. This bow is awesome. It's so beautiful. It shoots like a dream. It's power in a tiny, sexy, curved body... Wow. I should really get a life... =D And perhaps write a post about how I fixed the screw holes in my brand new 50th anniversary edition Kodiak Magnum. ;)
So I've bought this beautiful bow, which, knowing myself, I'll be reviewing shortly. For the moment, though, I'd like to post on how I fixed the screw holes on the riser with some round marking stickers from the print store and a gold magic marker.

Looks pretty neat, hah? And it's so easy I won't even describe the process.

You might wonder why a bow should have such holes in it. Well, Bear (claims it) took the opinion of its customers into account when designing this special edition bow, and added the holes for the bow quiver, also found on some of their regular models. Some love it, some hate it. Since I prefer other types of quivers (still experimenting), the holes on mine would remain empty while I'm roaming the forest in all manners of weather. Thus I was afraid that they would gather dust and worse, making them unusable in the future (not to mention disgusting...). I was on the lookout for fitting screws, but none would prove a perfect fit. Hence my little DIY venture.

We'll see how it holds out in this weekend's roving. ;)

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  1. Thanks for your tips, they were very helpful. The second life started for my bear bow.