Thursday, January 9, 2014


It's useless. Absolutely useless.

I know some of you would try and comfort me, so let me tell you before you do that it won't work. And that's something, I guess, that I'm actually sad about. It's weird. One of the weirdest things that ever happened to me. I've never been prone to depression in my whole life, not even as an adolescent, so this has me dumbfounded. What is this thing? Why is it happening to me? And how to fight it?

Well, if you're interested to join me on a journey out of the picturesque pit of Rock Bottom, you're most welcome to read on. I'll have to warn you, though. Tugging me out is not an option, too much holiday yummies, I suspect. But you can watch me climb (and perhaps fall back a couple of times...) and cheer with the crowd. It should be quite a spectacle.