Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fleur's 2013 Christmas Wishlist

With Thanksgiving weekend gone I've just realized I'm long due with this. Especially since I've just started sorting through my gift ideas for my family and friends, and obviously some of the decisions are harder than others. =)

So, in order to make life for my loved ones a bit easier, I've come up with a list of items, any of which I'd be very happy to find under the tree this year. It's not that I want so many things. It's simply a collection of ideas.

I'll move from one category to another, explaining my choices briefly. (There are, of course, smaller as well as more expensive ones.) I do think this actually might come in handy for others too, as some of the gifts on my list would make most girls (geeks or not so much) very happy, I'm sure. So let's get started. The first category is...

Lush favorites

I start with these partly because they come to mind first. Lush products always exude a special -- well, lush -- atmosphere that instantly makes me think of the holidays and cocooning in a steamy bathtub, watching the snow pile up outside. They are the ultimate Christmas gifts in my world. Things I don't really get myself (especially here in Geneva) but that make me smile for a long long time. And I've found not only my everyday staples among them, but also a lot of delicious treats I save for the gloomy days, when nothing else would cheer me up.


  • BIG shampoo, which makes your hear voluminous but silky smooth. With sea salt, to make you feel like a mermaid!
  • American Cream, the conditioner that's so yummy, your hair just eats it up. (Seriously, I've never seen any conditioner absorb so well, and the vanilla-strawberry scent lingers faintly even after I wash my hair again.)
  • British Nanny: the ultimate cold cream.
  • Celestial: A rich cream that's saved my skin several times when beauty sleep failed. 
  • Flying Fox: my shower gel, my scent. If they ever make a perfume of it, I'll wear it all the time. It's an interesting woodsy-spicy concoction, that feels like honey on the skin and makes it feel like velvet.
  • Snow Fairy: my winter favorite. To me this is what Christmas smells like. It makes me want to take a shower three times a day. At least.
  • The Comforter, which really should be a treat. Only I'm positively addicted to this candybar-scented bath foam. I only need a tiny bit to get a fluffy cloud of delicious foaminess, and the sweet fruity water with its bright pink tones is just too much to resist.


  • Sandy Santa. Hands down, the best scrub I've ever tried. Takes a bit of getting used to how this little delight works, but once he's in motion, he'll rub all but your happy thoughts away.
  • Hottie: I've never tried this one, but it looks delicious. And I've found a way to use these massage bars in a way that fits my lifestyle. To be completely honest, I never could make good use of them, simply because a good massage takes too, and you need some time to really get into it. PLus, I never know what to do with the oily feeling that's obviously very good for my skin but a bit awkward for the rest of me... But now I use them as I would do soap, right under the shower or once my skin warms up, so they glide on effortlessly. Then I shower as usual, usually with my favorite gel, and that rubs off just enough of the oils to leave my skin deliciously smooth and hydrated for days. So I love all the other Lush massage/shower bars just as well. =)
  • Christmas Eve: Another foam bar. Cute looks and amazing scents make this one a favorite.
  • Sunny Side: An all-year fav that has just the right amount of golden glitter that makes any bath an event but you don't need to scrub off either tub or skin.
  • Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment: I don't thing I have to explain this one... =)
  • Bombardino: This looks so cute I'd love to take one to the bath with me. =P

Home and Decoration

I sill love love love (and go through a lot of)
  • candles (in all colors and shapes, sizes and flavors)
  • essential oils and natural scents
  • sauna towels
  • thick fluffy towels
  • interesting spices
  • fruity, spicy and herb teas
And let's not forget about
  • Art Deco items of any kind, and our obsession with
  • Chalet decoration


Here we go again, my geek side resurfacing. Well, now that I have a new hybrid for a notebook (my seven year old gear started to act weird and I rely on my computer too much to risk a meltdown) my thirst for new tech is fortunately quite satiated. So the list is very short this year, and only contains things I'm in need of in a way.

  • A stylish Kindle (Keyboard) case, to replace the one I've just shredded...
  • A New Kindle Paperwhite as my Keyboard has a crack and doesn't quite support new features (although I still love it, so I have a somewhat guilty feeling about thinking of replacing it... maybe it could have a new life with a friend or relative...)

Personal (and somewhat luxurious)

OK, this is something I don't usually put in a list. I guess I don't really think about it, or am just used to not getting this kind of stuff for Christmas. Sometimes someone really close to me might guess or ask, but otherwise it's a category rarely considered. But somehow this year it made it to the list, maybe partly because I've been especially frugal in this area...

  • Books on self assessment and (social) psychology
  • Fancy Pens (especially fountain), clearly an obsession with me =)
  • Guerlain's Petite Robe Noire, a scent I'm in love with
  • Small white gold stub earrings (because of my allergies, nothing more =D BTW, I have 3 sets pierced... ;D)
  • A tiny locket. I've never had one and it's just so classy!

For us

This is mostly stuff we've gotten enthusiastic about as a couple. They could be gifts for either or both of us.
  • Archery books and accessories
  • Things on and about alpine hiking
  • Fantasy and fantasy art books

Well, I think this year the list is fairly modest compared to last year's fare. =) It might be that getting onto 30, I'm more mature and more aware of what I really need. I doubt it, though. However, it's true that I'm a bit more realistic nowadays, and tend to put way more value in personal and human things than into products and artificial things. I'm still enthusiastic about a lot of things, but I value friends and family above all. I guess partly because I have so few and I see them so rarely. But all that means is that Christmas is already a very precious time of the year to me, because I get to spend it with those I love.

That's why it took me so long to put together this list. Because I had to rack my brain to think of things that make me happier than I already am when sitting around a table with my loved ones, chatting and eating all the yummy Christmas food I can. Singing and hugging, playing boardgames and laughing until my muscles ache. Of course, I have a childish love for gifts, but that doesn't compare in any ways to the happiness I feel when we're exchanging hugs over those gifts. I don't think I would love them so if they came by post, most probably they'd only make me miss my friends and family all the more.

So, I send this list on its way with a huge hug attached,
and I wish you all a very happy, warm and fuzzy Christmas
and a magnificent 2014.



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