Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fleur's 2013 Christmas Wishlist

With Thanksgiving weekend gone I've just realized I'm long due with this. Especially since I've just started sorting through my gift ideas for my family and friends, and obviously some of the decisions are harder than others. =)

So, in order to make life for my loved ones a bit easier, I've come up with a list of items, any of which I'd be very happy to find under the tree this year. It's not that I want so many things. It's simply a collection of ideas.

I'll move from one category to another, explaining my choices briefly. (There are, of course, smaller as well as more expensive ones.) I do think this actually might come in handy for others too, as some of the gifts on my list would make most girls (geeks or not so much) very happy, I'm sure. So let's get started. The first category is...