Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Alive

In fact, more than ever. I'm so sorry for leaving you guys without a post for so long -- especially when I have so many things to tell... But life's just been incredibly exciting and busy for me these past months. I've finally gotten my PhD questionnaire to work, I've been to a couple of conferences, I'm teaching a course on my own, we've taken up traditional archery, and I'm keeping a gleaming eye on the tech world. Sounds like the life of some many armed-many eyed monster out of a tale DnD game, which, of course, I'm still dreaming about playing. Oh my, so many things to do, and they're all so much fun! I promise I'll try and be more active here. If all (resolve) fails, I'll still be posting a Christmas Shopping Guide, to help out relatives. All the charitable jule tide spirit, right? =D Anyway, I hope to 'see you' all before then.




  1. Hi there fleur, I read about your comment on pursuing PhD (English Applied Linguistics) at http://www.englishforum.ch/employment/104238-phd-english-geneva-has-anyone-done.html
    I am truly interested in this program - I'm currently an English teacher in a local college in Borneo and would want to advance in my career. Would you please point me to the right link.. And perhaps some potential supervisors for PhD (English Applied Linguistics) in University of Geneva? I can't seem to find any link that says this program is available on the site! :-( Thanks! I'll be checking back to this blog for a reply. Thanks so much.
    Debbie xoxo