Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When It's Time To Move On -- Why I stopped teaching English and how I feel about it

Before you go on reading, let me clear up one thing. Many get upset about my not being a humble little soul who's grateful for any appreciation life might throw her way. They're not necessarily right. It is completely true that I'm not humble toward my fellow human beings and society in general. I'll give you that. And, since I'm not, I won't apologize. If you feel that you're a little worthless piece in a great human scheme of things, read these posts at your own risk. You might find that attitude of yours changed -- or, as some have, you might just feel outraged at one such as me presuming above herself. Well, you've been warned.

Get Into Your Dream Shape With Les Mills's Body Pump

I always thought you were either born toned (some I still think are), or you had to make do with the fluff you had. Recently I've discovered this is so not so! And, the best, you can get gorgeous in 1 to 2 hours a week. All you need is find a gym near you that offers Body Pump courses and on you pump!