Monday, May 6, 2013

When One is more than 3...

I've touched it, for the first time in my life. And I can't stop dreaming about it.

I'd heard about it, yes, but I never thought it would be so... breathtaking. And, contrary to all my general qualms, size was not an issue. I guess I'm in love.

Yes, guys, the day has come when my uncontested love for the GS3 is being put to the test. And, funnily enough, of no fault of the handset itself.

But let me first start with a mini review of my current phone. I love the GS 3. It's a powerhouse, no kidding. I'm running Apex Launcher on an unrooted device, and the only thing I did was disable some of the resident apps the first time I set up the phone. So, though, I haven't made any major changes, the device has been my  go-to info store, theme park and media wizard, life companion and guardian angel (Astrid Tasks, anyone?). I couldn't really dream up a task for it it couldn't perform. Of course, Android and its apps are never perfect. But there are so many of them, for any function, that you're sure to find your own. I quite liked the S stuff (Sammy's own) in the beginning, but then got fed up with Touch Wiz and ditched most of them. Now everything feels and looks the way I want. An I do love the fact that this li'l thing is faster than my notebook and more versatile than any other device (save for my dream Dell XPS 12...). I can't really name any flaws... oh, wait, it looks dead ugly and feels like some cheap Asian remote control. Of course, I?ve pimped mine up with some awesome TPU covers, meaning that it's a lot heavier and feels most exquisite. But, out of the box, it's just ridiculous. That said, I still (did?) love it to pieces. It's an ugly duckling, but I can dress it up real nice, and, with a 32 gig SD card, there's nothing it wouldn't play or do. I can easily see it accompanying me for a good year more without a blink. And, not much more than a scratch, although I'm dropping it left and right.

That is, if my recent flirtations with the HTC One don't wreck our relationship. Because I am certainly infatuated. I know it's not logical, and there's not much I can say in my defence. I'm not such a sucker for looks, otherwise I would never have bought the GS 3. That's a lie, it was for free. =D But guys, let's admit that I'm much more of a geek than most girls. I would, a hundred times over, go with a power device over a pretty phone. That's the reason I never picked up any of the i-devices. I don't like being spoonfed technology, I want it whole and raw. That's how I roll. So why the One, now? Because it's drop dead gorgeous. That's it. I played with it, but I couldn't even pay attention to what was happening on the screen. It felt sooooo good in the hand, I was almost crying when I had to put it back on its stand. I haven't noticed any lags or anything. But I'd get rid of most of Sense anyway, so much of what I can see on a demonstration device is moot to me. The whole experience was pretty smooth, I must say, though.

Now I'm in trouble. I'm constantly baking up plans to get it somehow. Of course, US customers could trade in their handsets last weekend, but in Europe we're not doing that sort of thing. Besides, I'm not sure I'd trade in mine. What if the One lets me down? What if I just can't live with that amount of storage, with my castle in the Clouds? Because, it's true, kids. Auntie Fleur has hundreds of gigs of music she's not gonna give up for Spotify. I am being converted into a data consumer, I just don't feel comfortable storing all my stuff online as yet. I'm not worried about battery and the like, even the crappy camera will be fixed in future updates, I'm sure. And I guess that gorgeous body breaks in a second if it hits the floo'. Even so, I'm not sure the One is a logical update choice. HTC has been infamous hated in my circles for making phones with sacrifices. If you've had one and loved yours to pieces -- I'm sorry but I'm afraid you've either been tricked or are a fanboy... or simply a user. The latter is no fault of yours, I'm happy for you. For you can get a device and be happy with it for a year and more. Me, I'm a geek. I can't be happy with last year's stuff, I feel I'm being left out of the fun.

However, before you start calling me names, I admit that I have my principles. Mainly because I know I won't be in love with that particular product for a very long time, I just don't get it. I go and try it, try it some more, cry in my pillow, but that's it. A month later, repeat with the next thing. I'm kinda used to that now.

But this is different. The design of this little beast is so appealing, I might break at some point. I'll let you know if that's happened. For the moment I rather think I'm gonna get one once the hype is over and my provider is offering it to me as a free upgrade. Or, if I can get one real cheap. Because, you see, it's not the functionality that I want. It's completely the looks, the feel.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not that sort of a gal. I'm not leaving my homey GS3 for a new adventure just like that.

I'm not saying I've found the one, but there's no guarantee the One would be it.

That's it for the moment, folks, thanks for reading.
I'll try and write more about my geeky (and more normal) adventures soon.
This weekend we're off to see the Matterhorn! I can't wait!


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