Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pneu Claude, Our Friend Claude

I'm sorry if I'm not very detailed here, but I have a lot of work to do -- and I'm not a big car person, let's be honest.

All I want to tell you guys is that it's really really worth your while to check out PneuClaude if you need your tyres changed. I didn't cost a lot, but the experience was so much nicer than what we're used to.
The task: We have runflat tyres we had to have changed for the summer. We had our summer tyres too, but no wheels (is it the rim?). So wherever we've taken them they'd had to remount the new set of tyres on the old wheel -- if tht makes sense.

The execution: We've been to a couple of places already in Geneva, and some were OK, some outright horrible. If they don't have the right tools, they have to do some horrible things to your wheels, which normally leaves them chipped. For such an abysmal experience we paid CHF 80, while for normal service it was around 100 -- sadly the place closed down.

PneuClaude: So we ended up at PC. And we were amazed that at the price of around CHF 110-120 (sorry, don't remember), you get nice people, always, on the phone and at their desks; excellent, fast service; a waiting room where you can have a coffee (in those 10 minutes or so) and free Wi-Fi; a free tyre-wash (OK, not a biggie, but who offers it if they don't have to?), honest advice (they completely convinced us not to buy new wheels as yet, though we wanted to buy from them...), lots of smiles and a good experience.

I ask you: what else?

Tip: Fix an appointment. It's easy and fast anyway, but they're popular and this way you really waste no time. A pity to wait 30 min when they do the whole thing is 10. ;)

Hope this helped some.



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