Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Most Amazing Widgets On My SGS 3

This has been due for a while now but I've just been superbusy with my studies. (Yes, finally my PhD seems to fill my life, well, the part of it that needs filling, anyway.) Now a new little gem prompts me to take a couple of minutes and list my favs for you guys.

I must admit I've been such a transparent widget junkie lately, I've scoured all sources for these bad boys. But heck they look amazing! Read on for the whole list. (;

  • I started out by installing Apex launcher, and themed it Minimal, changing all my icons to apropriate ones (or close enough) from the icon pack.
  • I added the One More Clock widget, and told it to open Lux (to control backlight levels), weather and my alarm clock when I tap different parts of the widget.
  • I also love the very simple Anton's Calendar for a quick glance at my schedule, and
  • Memo and Countdown widgets just for the beauty of it, although they're pretty practical too.
  • Of course, my main calendar app (since S Planner widgets don't work on Apex) is Jorte, with a myriad of widgets and settings in tow.
  • Expense Manager is an app I absolutely love, and it has a nice little transparent widget too.
  • I've just discovered Blingboard, which looks a lot nicer than Flipboard's or even Google Current's widgets. (I'll never understand why apps that have such marvelous in-app interfaces have such abismal widgets...) Plus, Blingboard helps you access missed calls and the like at a tap, meaning that you can even get rid of a number of icons on your homescreen.
  • I haven't tried the dialer widget yet but love the way it looks. I would be afraid to call people just scrolling my homescreens though.
Another amazing tool I've discovered, though not a widget, is Notification Toggle, which lets you add icons to the notification drawer. Pretty awesome, you could even get rid of all the icons on the screens if you wanted to... I added Xing player to it (which replaced long time fav player MixZing, since this one handles folder-based music a lot better), and can now start my music from the notification drawer. Xing also leaves its controls there for a while after you pause play, I haven't found a way to set this as a permanent feature but find it pretty cool nonetheless.

Well guys, that's my 2 cents on transparent widgets -- for the moment. I'll update this list once I find more, and I'm always on the lookout. So make sure to check once in a while, if you like transparent widgets the way I do.

Also, don't hesitate to recommend more, I'd be thrilled to try new ones.

Cheerio, bunnies, and have an awesome day! (;


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