Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tangled in the language question, Part I

Oh, this is such an intriguing topic! I wish I could spend more time journaling about languages and language learning. I've started a blog like that, but I find it difficult to find the appropriate level of formality. Of course, I could write a second dissertation, in the form of blog posts, but I don't really feel that would help a lot of people. I could, on the other hand, go completely anecdotal, but then again, I'm afraid much of my professional insights would be lost. Not to say that I know everything about language learning. But I do know a great deal, and linking theory to the marvels I see around me is one of the main reasons behind me choosing this profession.

So, I've decided to try my hand at something very informal, writing first about my own experience as a language learner and teacher, and adding whatever thoughts I have about it as an applied linguist. The key here is fun, and I intend to omit all the boring jargon and psychoanalytic blabla. All that matters is that I have fun writing about it and my readers have fun reading.

Then let's plunge into it! ;)