Friday, September 28, 2012

Geek Joy -- My Galaxy S III [Updated]

We've finally cracked. I mean our resolve did. And we ordered a Galaxy S III. In fact it was really a no brainer, since orange actually paid us a frank to do so. Keep reading to find out how you can get a SGS3 free now from orange. Hurry, you only have a few days left. ;)
I'm just realizing that I really should get paid for this... But I'm not, so you can rest easy, this is all for your benefit. And mine. =)

So, first thing first, about the promotion.
How it works. Head over to, and click on the phone (if it's no longer on their front page, you're probably too late in reading this). If the thing is still on, you should see it advertised right below the description and the pic of the phone. Alternatively, you might want to click order and choose one of the Orange Me options. The CHF 200 as well as the 2x20 frank online bonus will be deducted from your first bill (the second CHF 20 from the second). Choose to pay the phone upon arrival of your first bill and you actually get it free right away. The website doesn't explain this, but the lady on the hotline did, if for no less than CHF 5.-. =)

How it worked for us. Getting frustrated with my current handset (my little Wildfire S doesn't multitask, so while chatting with my mom, I have to keep getting in and out of apps and the screen size just makes me screw up my face like no one's bull terrier), I decided to check out the homepage of my carrier and take whatever they have to offer for free with the cheapest sub. I've always wanted a little data on the go to check mails and stuff, and I figured if they give me anything better than my current phone, I'd take it. I knew even my hubby couldn't grumble (he still thinks you should get a phone every two years the earliest), since it's for free.

And then I saw it. CHF 200 off your GS3 with the very sub I wanted. Given that the phone originally costs 199, this sounded like a deal. Of course, you have to pay the subscription, but I was going to do that anyway. So this solved my problem.

Well, I did have my hubby's grumbling to listen to (psychologically it's like buying a proper phone, even though they're actually paying us =D), and he's probably right in a way. I mean I am a geek and I do want new stuff all the time, so a two year yoke should probably make me shudder. But you know what? After discovering Android for the first time on my Wildfire S, it only took me 2 months to decide that wasn't the phone for me. But I've kept using it for a year more, because I've never found the perfect substitute. Yes, I did want this new device and that, but I fell for practically each and every one of them when they came out, only to be disappointed by their actual performance. I'm that much of a geek, actually. So I actually don't believe I'll regret the buy. I mean I will slobber over new technologies, and I will say that as soon as this or that comes out I'm changing over -- but I don't think I'll mean it. I don't think anything will come out that will work so superbly that I actually want to trash my GS3. I'm sure great stuff is gonna happen. But I also think that nothing is really good out of the box. By 2014 all those great techs will be just in the right shape for me to get a new phone. Till then, I'll be happily hacking* my GS3. =)

My GS3. That's it, guys, my baby's on its way. And once I have it, I'll start customizing the hell out of it. I've already found some cool websites, but for the moment they're really basic stuff. I'll be updating this post, anyway, to give you an idea of what apps I'm using and the like. So if you're interested, check again later.

For the time being, have a great weekend you guys
and see you soon in the next post.



Update #1. I've been giving the beast some time to amaze.  And it has been doing a nice job of it from the first moment on. I must admit this little slate is a real powerhouse. I don't have so many apps on so far, because I don't want to overcomplicate the wipe I'll have to do once Jelly Bean's out. Which should be any day now. But the ones I have on work without a nanosecond of hesitation, so I'm very much looking forward to some geeky girly gaming. =) Stay with me for the updates to come. ;)

* I want to start softly, since I want to prolong all that fun. I'll be using the current Wiz first, only getting rid of  the native stuff. I'll give the novelty a couple of months to wear off, when it's time for launchers and stuff. Don't expect much custom stuff for a year or so, since I'm still learning the trade. Probably I'll only root the phone once I'm really bored with the original stuff and I'll only go custom if I can no longer bear the wait. I'll still be updating this post with all my new discoveries. ;)

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