Friday, July 20, 2012

Bernese Overland, Knee surgery, and more...

Hi folks. I hope you're all having an awesome summer and enjoying one type of holiday or another.

I have to admit I'm in no form to be writing posts these days. =) I'll jot down a few things, nonetheless, to keep you updated. Not because I'm so conceited as to think you can't do without me, but I just can't bear the guilt of letting any of my loyal readers down. ;)

The reason why I've been so wasted recently is ... well ... manifold. First off, I'm at stage 3 in my PhD project, which means I'm perfecting my questionnaire, which stresses me out quite a lot. You see I have to get it perfect, because I can't very well just go back and ask around five hundred people to fill it out again. Secondly, I've been having a really tough time at the language school, because I just can't stand the fact that I'm doing ALL the admin on my courses, much more than a teacher's ever supposed to do. The moodle we have is a pain in the a and I'm honestly suffering under the stress of it all. I'm still wondering how I could make myself more effective but I'm a teacher not a secretary, no wonder I never became one.

But there are good exhausting things as well. =) Fortunately. We've just spent a week in the Bernese Overland, a post is coming up on that for sure! It was amazing, very very tiring but in an awesome way. For the first time in my whole life I was totally devastated to be back in the city. Those mountains just gave me such a sense of freedom that it's become so difficult to climb back into my cage... But having some friends over from Hungary for a couple of days changed my mind a little. We had a cool hike yesterday, and today we did a little tour of the town, and I got to rediscover the cute side of Geneva. Yes, it is very cute. The fact that it's made me an emotional wreck doesn't quite take away all the fun. I guess I'm to blame for that, as much as all the external factor. People say I just have to learn not to give a d, but I'm starting to think it's something I'm scattering around as I walk.

To be honest, I'm starting to feel as if I was 16 again, dissatisfied, rebelling, unsure of myself... And I think it's stupid, because I'm almost twice as old and have all the assets I need to change my life. I wonder how long this phase will go on, hopefully I grow out of it quite soon. Otherwise I might bore you guys to death. =)

Oh, I almost forgot -- as I often do nowadays -- the other thing I wanted to tell you about. It's my upcoming (or not?) knee surgery. Yes, folks, it seems that sudden jab of pain I felt one sunny morning on the slopes of the Portes du Soleil was actually my knee ligament snapping. The fact that I skied quite a couple of full days after that, hiked a couple of weeks and have generally been walking around, several hours a day, doesn't change that fact one bit. I saw a doctor in Hungary and their (very unprofessional) X-ray confirmed my hidden and well denied suspicions. I'm past all the why mes and well I deserved its, and am looking forward to the adventure. Crazy, right? I know. But if I start to think of it as anything else than courageous and sportsmanlike and cool, I might just break down in tears and act like a child. So I won't be a ninny about it, I'll be cool and ask the kind Swiss knee specialist to make it awesome and better than it was. I was seriously considering getting one of those sci-fi robotic things that buzz and toss you meters into the air, but I guess they don't do those around here. (Would be cool, though, I could ski on one leg, pivot around, jump and have a little engine push me higher... But, yeah, maybe next time...) So I'll just follow the cues (I already have a couple of addresses) and write posts about my journey so that all those looking for some good knee surgeons in Geneva can have something to help them. =)

So I'll stop my ramblings here and I promise you guys I'll be back soon with some more helpful (and interesting) stuff. Till then,

Enjoy the summer and your holidays,
Feel happy and free and healthy and inspired,
And see you very soon! ;)

Yours truly



  1. Hey,
    I really like your blog and find it useful, since I'll be moving to Geneva in a couple of weeks :-)
    I am not a doctor but, having had some good and bad experiences with surgeries at knees, I think I can say that x-rays very rarely tell you something about ligaments. I'd make a MRI to find out ;)

  2. Hi there
    Thank you for your comment, that's very kind of you! Yeah, that's exactly what my kind Swiss doctor did, the results have just got back. No good news, I'm afraid, but what comes next is for the specialist to decide. I'm seeing him next week. I'll do an update then, once the insurance people get back to me -- officially accident coverage easily applies, but we'll see...
    Have a great WE! ;)

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  4. Kijara I agree with you that x-rays very rarely tell you something about ligaments and MRI is best to find out ligaments. I am saying it because I have personal experience about it.

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