Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sea You Next Year (Our Holiday Plans)

I'm so excited! It's finally time for us to continue our Swiss hiking adventures where we left off last year. Of course I tried to tone down all the rave when writing the aforementioned review, but I guess you all know by now how much I love the Swiss Alps. And it's not just the hiking. Living and working in the city, which we both love, leaves us nonetheless with a crave for nature and peace, a stark contrast to our daily lives. We just feel like getting away from all the buzz and do nothing in an active sort of way. As much of a success story our trip to Engadine had been, we felt a bit short of enthusiasm to return to the touristy resorts of Italy. So our votes went for Ireland and Skandinavia this year.

They would have gone, that is. Because a voucher to TUI changed our plans quite a bit. I won't go into it, but the short version is that as agencies add their little fees to each and every one of the services you choose our voucher wouldn't have covered the whole of the trip, in fact it most probably would only have paid the fees. To cut to the point:
we're about to re-visit the Swiss Alps, but a different part this time.

We were still limited to TUI's catalogue, (which is actually railtour's catalogue, treat with them directly if you can to avoid duplicate fees) but we did find a couple of nice places. Since we've already been to Engadine, we decided to check out some other part of the country this time. Another fairly important point was the atmosphere of the place: we wanted a real hotel garni, with wooden boards and geraniums in tow. Or final choice went to the Griesalp Hotelcentrum near Kiental. They've just changed management, by the way, but I think it hasn't affected the style of the hotel that much. The lady I've talked to said they were transforming the hotel into a stylish boutique one, but in my opinion that simply means they're doing away with the dorm rooms and the hikers' loft. A pity for some, but with our voucher we were going for the 'posher' bedrooms anyway. =)

We're only staying a week, unfortunately, since we're spending the other half of our holidays in Hungary. But I really can't wait, I've had that 'summer itch' for a couple weeks now, I just can't stand the office and want to get OUT. Now it's only a couple weeks more, and I'll be way too busy to notice anyway. =) And then, it's time to take the blanket, hike up the slopes and have a picnic on top of the world!

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