Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Driving Me Crazy [Taming the Wheels Part I]

Oh, I'm not being idle. I've just had way too much on my plate lately and I'm trying to prioritize so that i can finish my academic projects on time.

But don't worry, the adventures of Fleur continue, and she's added a driver's licence to her list.
All right, so the weather's been rubbish lately, though we're finally getting some sunshine. That basically meant that I had no choice but to push my projects forward and get on with all the stuff you can do in front of a screen. So far I'm slightly ahead of schedule, so now that the rainy days are over, it's time for festivals and fun -- the latter meaning getting a driver's licence.

I know I'm old and all that, but funnily enough I've never been in a more suitable situation for this venture. I mean there's an actual car that I can drive once I'm done (a couple of weeks in Switzerland =D) and there are places I want to go. My hubby's the coolest driver I know (seriously, he rarely gets stressed or agitated AND you don't have the feeling that your head's gonna blow off when he's driving but he's not one of the daddy drivers either), but he doesn't really enjoy driving around. Neither can I get him to take me to places on a whim. So I've decided it's time.

In order not to demotivate myself, I've only looked at the essential info on the OCAN homepage. I know that I'll have to start with first aid and theory, and for the latter I'm already buying the book (I assume you can get it anywhere). First aid I'll do once I'm back from our holidays, probably with the Auto_Ecole Servette, that's the cheapest I've found and they have a nice homepage, very cool and motivating. :) (Feels as if I was going rafting or something.) I'll also sign up for the theoretical exam and then get a Learner's licence, valid for some time (didn't check because I'm prone to procrastinating, so I've set myself a September deadline and I know it's valid for much longer than that). With that I'll get some 10 hours of practice, probably with a private instructor, the AES is waaaay too expensive (CHF 850, c'mon guys!). Then I'll hit the (small!!!) road with my husband (and willing friends), who are gonna shout at me for another two weeks or so. I should be done by the end of August, ready to take the exam preferably before September, as I don't want the whole thing to drag on to the next school term.

Sounds good, right?

I'll be reviewing stuff as I go, just to share my experience with you guys. It's gonna be huge fun! ;)

Wish me luck.

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