Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I Miss the Most [Live List]

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Hi, guys! This post is a Live List, which means that I'll update it any time I have a new idea to add to it. I think it's quite a neat concept since I'm trying to be as active here as I can and help you out with some tips or other info. I explain how these posts are supposed to work here, but the basic idea is that as I'm super busy most of the time these days, I've decided to compile some lists to give you content without the fluff. I'll still write longer posts whenever I can, but I on a daily basis I might just update the lists. So let's get started and see what I Miss the Most! Don't forget to check your fav lists from time to time, and feel free to suggest new items or new topics in the comments section. ;)

What I've been missing the most since I moved Switzerland (in no particular order):

  1. Friends & Family. I don't think I need to explain. They're the only ones I cannot import (though I try to from time to time...) and I miss the most sorely.
  2. Warmth. The Swiss are a curious lot in my experience. I find it much easier to mingle at work and talk to people than in some other countries, but it's way more difficult to become friends with anyone here than back home, let alone form stronger bonds. People are really polite and nice here in Geneva (well, there are jerks anywhere) and they tend to be quite open minded, but jeez it's so hard to get them talk about anything more... uhm personal. (I think it's because so many of them have had traumatic lives and I blame their family model!)
  3. Some foods. (Like real Eastern European cottage cheese and tons of ground poppy seed) But these really shouldn't be so high up in the list. =D
  4. A day without wind. Two words: La Bise.
  5. Honesty. Oh, my, where do I begin? Let's just say that the people of Geneva are a pretentious lot and I wish they were less hypocritical from time to time. There are too many taboos in this frikkin' society and even the most open minded people will give you the good old juice if any of those comes up. I actually sometimes enjoy teasing them, but I'm baaaad. =D
  6. Simplicity. That's mostly Geneva, and it's somewhat linked to honesty. There's so much poshness in this city, it's unbelievable. I enjoy teasing people about this too (money's one of those taboos), but I sometimes seriously get tired of it. Those days I just put on a pair of (gorgeously cut) no-name jeans and a blasphemous brandless handbag, and leave home determined to win a glaring match with anyone who dares to stare.
  7. Speaking up. I guess it's strongly linked to the others,but I find keeping quiet very hard. If people would call cheaper clothes charming but lie in your face about how much their holiday or apartment costs and still keep whining about gas prices, I'm itching to give them a piece of my mind. All right, fair enough, they're adults, they can lie and whine for all I care. But the fact that I have to do it too still bugs me. Ohh, I guess I'd rather zip up than join in their "fun", so yes, for the moment silence is golden. But I'm still looking for a way to be the wittier. :)
  8. Lazing around. Well, this is hard to explain. I guess it's the world we're living in, where time flies by so fast. But while I'm just as busy in Geneva as I was back in Budapest, my impression is that I couldn't just laze around here the way I used to in Hungary. I remember hanging aout in parks and cafes, watching people pass by and just read or browse a magazine, alone, or chatting about arts and psychology with friends. I guess what I miss most are the friends to hang out with. Most of my friends here are either busy or live in other parts of Romandie. But there's also the buzz of the city and the fact that while in Hungary it's cool to do nothing publicly and be proud of it, the Swiss are much more studious.

Thanks for reading.
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