Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I Love about Switzerland/Geneva [Live List]

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Hi, guys! This post is a Live List, which means that I'll update it any time I have a new idea to add to it. I think it's quite a neat concept since I'm trying to be as active here as I can and help you out with some tips or other info. I explain how these posts are supposed to work here, but the basic idea is that as I'm super busy most of the time these days, I've decided to compile some lists to give you content without the fluff. I'll still write longer posts whenever I can, but I on a daily basis I might just update the lists. So let's get started and see what I Love about Switzerland/Geneva! Don't forget to check your fav lists from time to time, and feel free to suggest new items or new topics in the comments section. ;)

What I love love love about this place (in no particular order):

  1. The air. It's so fresh and clean and 'natural' smelling, even in the city center! OK, there are traffic jams and if you stick your nose in a chimney or something, sure you can find some smog, but boy this city/country rocks when it comes to air quality!
  2. The food. Every place I've been to has its own specialties, and they're all delicious. Geneva's a little difficult for vegetarians, but still, the multitude of Italian restaurants and Swiss cheese dishes make sure you'll never go hungry. And my hubby's a great fan of the potato-based cuisine of the German speaking part. To me all this is just so yummy I want to go and yodel! :D
  3. The view. I can't even begin to explain. Breathtaking. The fact that anywhere you go in Geneva, anywhere you look, there are snow-capped mountains around and they are always sweetly calling to you to go and enjoy...
  4. The hikes. No need to go into details here. Google it and you'll see. Or ask anyone who's done some. That is, if you can get hold of them, because I'm not sure anyone trying the Swiss walks would ever want to leave them. :)
  5. The things to do. I guess I'm one of those people who easily enjoy any place they visit. I think the key is to let all your expectations and habits go and enjoy the flow. But I especially love the ambiance of Romandie (the French speaking part), as it transforms into a different type of luna park each season. I can't vouch for other areas, but around here you'll always have something to do. Skiing and snowshoeing, fondue and raclette parties in winter, hikes and festivals, pedal (and sail!) boats and grills in summer. And all kinds of good stuff in between, weather permitting.
  6. The size. Switzerland is small, compared to many other countries (even Hungary!) but packed with the gorgeous, the yummy and the exciting. I've just noticed that we're getting lazier and lazier and moan about taking a 2-hour trip for a (world-renowned breathtaking) hike. We're so used to having natural beauty and lakeside fun at arm's length that we find traveling more and more burdensome. However, I'm looking forward to changing that in the near future -- I'm about to learn to drive! No more moaning, hubby! Load up the trunk. ;)

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