Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A List of Lists (i.e. What's New)

 Why posting has become difficult
I wish there was a way to upload short posts and edit them on the go... I've tried the android app but it didn't work that well. =( Much of the silence here these days is due to my nomadic lifestyle =), since I work in a number of locations strewn across the whole town. And I travel on foot, for a number of reasons. (Actually, that could make up a list in itself...)

So I'm not really in a posting position most of the time. I'd love to dictate posts on the go and only edit them once I have some time in front of a computer, but I still haven't figured out how that could work in a time-efficient and totally-not-nutty sort of way. (Let's be honest, it looks weird.) But I have a feeling that we're getting there, technology developing rapidly and me becoming less and less interested in what other people think.

What this post is about...
But till then I want to keep entertaining (or annoying ;D) you guys. And I've come up with a cool way of doing so, all the while continuing to roam the streets and do 3645789462 things at the same time. no, it's not twitter. (For a number of reasons, though I'm sure you're not interested to see the list.) It's a series of lists. Yes, you're right, you'll have to do without the narrative, which I'm sure is one of the reasons you're reading these posts. (No, I'm sure it's not. It's actually my compensation for writing them. =D) But you'll get all the meaning. I'll still be posting longer pieces from time to time, but from now on there'll be a lot of shorter ones.

How the lists will work
I've put together a list of lists... OK, let's rephrase that. I have a lot of topics that I've been longing to write about. What are the must-sees in Geneva? Where can you go on a day trip if bored of the town? How to get from A to B in/around town? How can the working girl stay beautiful and sophisticated without spending tons: drugstorelife-savers. All this, and more.

And now I've decided to put them to good use. I'm going to post short lists with brief details, and let google do the rest. I'll also make a list of the websites where I like to research different things, from transport to hikes and beauty reviews. As much of my lists will focus on life and travel in/around Geneva, they'll still fit a niche. But as there are so many reviews of so many things online, I'll save my time for writing more personal posts and keep these lists short and simple.

So what's coming?
Well, I don't want to start with a long list as I said they're going to be short and simple. But here's a couple of examples.

What to see/Where to go in Geneva
My fav places in Switzerland
My fav (reasonably priced) shops in Geneva
Swiss drugstore favorites
What I love about Switzerland/Geneva
What annoys me the most  in Switzerland/Geneva
Facts about the life of a PhD student
Things I've just found out about
Things that make me happy
Books I've loved
Movies I've loved
Random lists about current/personal issues...

... and so on and so forth. See? I do have ideas. Now all I need is start ticking off some of these babies...

Thanks for reading this introductory post to my lists! ;)
Please let me know what you think about the whole idea
-- after all, this blog is supposed to be as entertaining to you guys as it is to me. =)
Are there any lists you would like to see added to the list?

See you in the next post (probably my first list! hooorray!).
Have a lovely evening and awesome Easter! ;)



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