Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion Follie -- Marni at H&M

[Let me know what you think of the collection, or help me decide what to keep. See all my doubts and questions at the end of the post. Thx for all your ideas!]

I don't know if I'm particularly fond of fashion, as understood today. I am definitely crazy about choosing what I wear and how I style it and I do enjoy successful shopping -- you know the kind where everything fits and matches. Unfortunately most of the time this is not the case and I've spent many a miserable day shopping for items that haven't been designed yet or have gone out of fashion decades ago. Many define fashion by trends and seasons and look to celebrities and catwalks for inspiration. I think I have a different take on style. I like to dream up ensembles and looks and I dread the 'mannequin mishap', to find myself looking at a shop window and realizing I'm wearing exactly what the doll is dressed in.

So what got me queueing up at 5.40 this morning? You couldn't really say that it was momentary madness -- I have planned it to the last bit, in fact I've been planning it for weeks. Have I really (finally =P) gone mad? Well, I haven't decided yet. I hope if I have I'll never know. =D

Jokes aside, I was on a fahion mission. And I took it pretty seriously. I normally don't care much about designers and collections, having my own, pretty stubborn, taste in clothes. Nevertheless, I was 4th in line and second to enter the designated area this morning at our local H&M. I would explain the phenomenon as a fortunate coincidence, a constellation you can only observe once in a century. It was Marni's limited edition line that got me so crazed and made me make a number of sacrifices. However, I don't think I really became a fashion victim. What really happened was that Consuelo Castiglioni and my humble self have happened to have the same dream. And I'm of the school that insists on making your dreams come true.

Let's see then...

The Loot

The girl I was assigned was really astonished at how organized I was. But, ladies and gentlemen, I meant business. So I arrived at 5.40, scooped up the bracelet among the first at 7.50 and got back after a nice cup of coffee to collect my share. And I did so with a printed list of all the items I wanted. I told the charming girl who came to my aid that I wanted the smallest size of this and this and this dress and off I went hunting for the jewelry. It worked out perfect and in 10 minutes I was out of all the craziness, having tried everything I wanted to and taking everything that I liked.

I'll have to note here that
  1. I decided to take everything that I liked and try them all at home, after which I insist on returning everything I'm not absolutely crazy about. This stuff is really expensive and I'm not paying so much for something I'm not entirely sure I'm gonna wear a lot.
  2. I don't usually spend this kind of money on clothes. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, however. How often does a designer go and create your dream clothes? While previous collaborations of H&M left a lot to wish for in terms of quality, these pieces are just marvelous. The dresses are 100% silk, there's no cheap lining and I just adore the seaming techniques that speak volumes about all the love put into these clothes.
And I'm going to ask for your help with all these difficult decisions. ;) I'll list all my questions and doubts at the end of this post. Please feel free to comment, I appreciate your ideas.

With all this in mind, let's see all the beautiful things I got, starting with the easy ones (the ones I am crazy about).

1 The cardigan
I am a sucker for cardigans, all know that. If I could I'd sleep in them. So it was just natural that I wanted to give this one a try. I didn't think I'd like it so much and I thought it would be easy to leave it at the store as I have so many of them. Well, I did and it wasn't. It's waiting at home for me to decide about its fate. But man, I love the thing! And look how gorgeous it is!


2 The dress of many patterns
I'm a sucker for dresses too... I actually do sleep in them (in the old ones that are not fir to wear any more anyway). And I love the cut of this one: not too figure hugging, not too revealing but oh so soft and sexy and just a little bit tighter where it should be. I'm even thinking of wearing it with a wide belt... sometimes. =) I'm quite sure it is a keep. I'm wearing it with the necklace, which I'm a lot less ceratin about...


3 The 'zebra' dress
Well, not exactly zebra but as close as you get in art deco. Forgive the leggings, it was a cold morning (and I should have put on boots and a couple more socks too!). With its sexy neckline and the bow concealing it at will =), it is a keep. Big jewels and my 20's shoes and I'm good to go. Or, maybe a cardigan just to freshen it up... ok, ok, maybe this once I'll leave without one.


4 THE dress
Everyone was talking about it and it got scooped up pretty fast. But I have my doubts. It looked marvelous on the girl in the commercial (a wonderful piece of art by the way, grazie, Sofia), but I guess I'm a lot shorter and even thinner. This is how I'd wear it, with a belt or sash. And I could wear it for the wedding I'm going to next weekend. If I keep it, that is. This is the most expensive of the lot, so I'm not so sure I will. But I'm hesitating, because the material is just so exquisite and I love the style as well. For this kind of money, though, it had better be perfect or close to. (My expression in the 2nd pic is just horrible, I guess it's the dilemma that reflects off my face. =D)


5 The rocks (in no particular order)


I picked up a lot  (all?) of the bracelets beacuse I've been eyeing some similar vintage in a Geneva shop window for more than a year but they're just too expensive at CHF 200-300 a piece for my taste. These cost a fraction of that, and anyway, in 20 years they'll be vintage too. =P The rhinestone studded ones are actually real pieces of art in themselves: some of the components are covered in canvas! And the quality of the plastic used is just amazing.

I love love love the style too. Some say it's 60s, but it actually looks a lot art deco-ish to me, not that the name matters much. They will (would?) look just perfect with the dresses, or any of my dresses for that matter. I'm keeping the bracelets for the moment, though I might give away a couple as gifts (you can only wear so many anyway).

marni9You could probably guess that it's the earrings and the necklace I'm hesitant about. I've thought of using the flowers on their own, as brooches or a couple of them as a bracelet or in my hair. As they are now they feel a bit too much... But I might be wrong and the quality is a dream, so I'm really torn. (They're expensive too!)
Well, the earrings are just BIG. So are the bracelets, but I'm OK with that -- that's part of the style, isn't it? =)

So what do you guys think?
Did you camp outside the store?
Have you picked  up any of the collection?
Which pieces are you crazy about?
And what do you think about my picks?
Which ones should I keep and which ones should go?
Would you be interested in when I'm dropping them off and maybe pick them up at the store in Geneva?
Let me know.

Have a great day and hey, the weekend is almost here! Aaaand it's beautifully sunny in Geneva! ^^
I'm in Hungary next week, so I'll be back after that with some stories. =)




  1. Hi, came here through Lady J. Keep all of the accessories, cardigan and zebra dress.. The accessories will easily help 'dress up'any outfit.

    1. Can't agree with you more about the accessories. Decided to keep them all, except for the earrings (waaaay to big for my head =D) and one bracelet I gave away. My husband banished the zebra dress, saying it was something his granny once owned (she was Miss Budapest or something, but that didn't change the fate of the poor dress), so it had to go back. Thx for your feedback! Did you get anything from the collection?

  2. Hi Fleur, I'm glad that you enjoy your shopping experience at Marni for H&M. I too was lucky enough to be among the early groups this morning and was able to grasp every pieces I adore.

    I love your styling pictures. You look really cute in those clothes. For the maxi dress, IMO, the belt is not necessary and its position is rather low so I would remove it. You can draw the bow tie a bit so that it lifts up the neckline and the dress won't look as sagging. I find it rather cute to have a long bow in the back so every time you turn, it flickers. Soft and loose hair bun would pair with the dress nicely.

    I also strongly recommend to keep the flower necklace. It is very unique. I haven't seen the design in any brands and it coordinates very well with all kinds of print dresses. Just remember to keep the flower as high as the neckline of the dress as a focal piece and don't wear too many accessories to distract attention from it.

    1. Yeah, I have a weird thing about belts. =D I hate my archetypical hourglass figure and desperately try to make a 20s cut of any dress. :) So while I loved the concept of the dress, I couldn't really envisage myself wearing it to work, and back it went. :(
      However, I do absolutely adore the necklace, once I've put it on I didn't want to get it off. :) And I totally agree, the higher the better. ;)
      Thanks for the tips, I'm so glad you got everything you'd set eyes on! ;)

  3. Im sure I must have seen u in the line.. We got the same timeslot but u fared so much better with your buys!! I say keep 1,2 and 3. The accessories are for keeps too! I really liked the bracelets! Took them but put it back for I thought they were a little expensive.

    1. Yes, they totally were. (I still haven't fully confessed to my hubby...) But I'm such a jewel junky, I'd have cried my eyes out if I'd left them there. They're so bold and no-nonsense! BTW, no one saw me, except for the few people I was chatting to. I'm minuscule and was covered in wool -- much like a small ball. :D

  4. Dear Fleur,

    I fond this blog through an old forum about surviving in Geneva. It makes me happy to know there is someone else who loves the city and makes the best of it, I also have a blog, in Italian tho, if you would like to take a look:, writing has always been my passion, and flowers :)

    I hope to hear from you soon.



    roma (dot) trad (@)

    1. Hi, Roberta, I'm so happy you liked my little ramblings! I'll check out your blog for sure, and Italian is definitely on my list! Once I'm OK with my French, I'm plunging into it. Whatever they say about Paris, nothing can beat Italian fashion in my eyes. ;)