Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back to 'Normal'

'Your wit's too hot; it speedes too fast'
(Shakespeare, Love's Labors Lost)

That's the note I got when one of my fav teachers prepared us all a little Shakespearean gift. (I've always been a fan of personalized material!) And I might say it's been fluttering on my mind ever since. You might have noticed how my stories build up -- much like chaotic dream sequences, and most of the time I feel such pity sympathy for my poor readers. I am a huge story teller, and I do try to be more sort of linear, but I'm more of a Beckett than a Shakespeare.

And the fact that I've just started this post with that little anecdote shows you exactly what I mean. Because this post was supposed to be about something totally different. It was supposed to be about how my life has changed from crazy to boooring and back -- and how I actually feel good about it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

'I Ain't No Immigrant!'

As a language professional, I came across the notion of integration very early on in my studies. Labov's studies on immigrants in the US were definitely among my favorite reads and I've always been amazed at the psychology of the phenomenon, even if I've come to master its whys and wherefores.

But I never thought I'd be one of the guinea pigs one day. Actually, I never thought I would be part of any of the processes, that I'd ever be faced with the same dilemmas. Let me explain.