Friday, November 11, 2011

Life's changing... [What (my) life really is like in Switzerland]

 [Whatever your search engine says, this post has nothing to do with sex. sorry guys. =D]

I still think it was one of my truest metaphor when I compared my 'relationship' to Geneva to a love affair. (And believe me, I live in metaphors.) And that's not mainly because of my infatuation or the fact that many of the symptoms I've developed over the years resemble an acutely sore heart. No, the real resemblance, that makes me think of tragic love stories is the way this city treats you.

Let me explain. When I first set foot in Geneva, a couple of years prior to actually settling here, I was amazed by the jewel box feel of the city. And I don't mean the shops or anything like that. But the neat little houses, the tiny bridges, the odd medieval touch on the walls -- it all made me fall in love with it. It was so cute I wanted to hug it. Coming from a city of two million, it felt incredibly small and fabulously breezy at the same time. And, though many things have changed since then -- not necessarily in the cityscape but in my own life -- it still continues to amaze me. Every morning I cross the old town on my way to work, the sheer beauty of it caresses my soul just like a gentle goodbye kiss: 'I'll wait for you, honey, when you get home'. But there's something bitter about it too. Sometimes all these promises are no more than taunt and bait and you get a glimpse of the cold reality...