Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little More Italy (The Trip Continues)

So we spent our fist (half) day at Monterosso's beach. It was marvelously refreshing, though we soon realized that this holiday was going to be way different from our Engadine trip. Can't say we hadn't been warned, but to be honest it's difficult to imagine a place being so touristy.

Monterosso has the nicest beach of all the villages, and the only proper beach to be honest. We loved the other villages (more on that later) and their little nook-like beaches (more like crevices in the rock), but if you want to have a real beach day (and save traveling costs), Monterosso it is.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little Italy [Our Trip to Cinque Terre] Part I

I thought this post had long hit the roads of our virtual existence... However, it now seems that I must have dreamed writing it, because clearly it hadn't. I hate when this happens. Like when I was pestering that poor student about his homework, while it had only been in my dreams... Yeah, that's when I switched to very detailed lesson plans. ^^ Not that I don't trust my memory --  I simply don't trust my subconscious.

But what you really wanted to know about, why you clicked here, is our little trip to the Cinque Terre. So I guess I'll cut my ramblings short, and start telling you more about that. Well, I'm kind of in a pickle as to that. According to the stats, many people consult my blog (that sounds so cool, doesn't it?) to find out more about a given topic and to get some specific information otherwise unavailable on the world wide web. But there are those (OK, a minority obviously) who want to know how I fare or -- to be more realistic -- whether a certain place or activity would appeal to them.

You see, I definitely want to keep on providing hard to get information, but I also want to make this post (kinda) fun. So I decided to diverge from my usual informative style of posts filled with links and to do lists and venture into a semi-narrative of what we were doing (and eating) in the south. You'll see I'll still go informative from time to time, but if you're specifically looking for that kind of stuff, I have two tips to give you.  I'll be highlighting the key info, so that you can scan for that. Second, I'll be using the official names of all the things I mention, so whatever search engine is your best friend, they'll be easy to gather more info on. So, let's get started! ;)