Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 + 1

During the last few years I've often been joking that I've found the recipe for the perfect 'happily ever after'. Find yourself a cute boyfriend in your late teens, and never let go. =)

OK, if this was so easy, the world would be full of happily married people. But it does work sometimes, as it did with us. It's so funny to think back; no one would have thought 11 years ago that the adventure that one kiss led to would be such a hit!

Amazing things happen when we least expect them, and saying that we ever planned this would be boasting. We're just as amazed as anyone else every time we realize that our passion for each other and the bond between us have only grown stronger during the years. So how did all this happen?

Honestly, I don't know. I'd say it was a fortunate mixture of personality traits and circumstance that has kept us together, but that's like saying that people are made of atoms and molecules. With all the biological and psychological explanations, there's always that 0.1% that science just can't explain. That's what I call miracle. And I believe that's what we have too.

It's been 11 years that we first confessed our love for each other. During the next ten years, we went through different adventures that all added to who we are, and helped form our relationship. Some of these experiences tested us, and some even tore us apart for a while. But somehow, against all the odds, that miracle did its work. And a year ago we celebrated our 10 year anniversary by consecrating this bond and inviting our friends and family to join us in the celebrations.

I don't think that the institution of marriage is any good, unless you make it so. Two people can only build something on the basis of their intentions and skills, and this is just the same with marriage. In our case, I believe it was one of the best decisions of our lives. We really love being married and enjoy every moment of it. I don't think marriage can change a relationship from bad to good, and it certainly proves to be a constraint to some. But in our case it just feels appropriate, it really shows where we stand.

And the funniest thing is, it didn't make us feel older or more settled. Sure we are more mature than years ago, but that is just natural. However, we're just as outgoing as ever, but also love to spend time together. And being married has something sexy about it too... like having a secret no one else will ever understand. And I guess they won't. It's that 0.1%, that miracle, that special thing that makes us shrug and smile any time someone asks 'Yes, but how?'.

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  1. óó, tényleg, már egy éve! Noel épp a napokban emlegette, hogy ő "Svájszba" akar menni (talált egy fotót) =)Neki biztos jobb a memóriája, lehet emlékezett az évfordulótokra? :))