Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 + 1

During the last few years I've often been joking that I've found the recipe for the perfect 'happily ever after'. Find yourself a cute boyfriend in your late teens, and never let go. =)

OK, if this was so easy, the world would be full of happily married people. But it does work sometimes, as it did with us. It's so funny to think back; no one would have thought 11 years ago that the adventure that one kiss led to would be such a hit!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Really Swiss Experience (Our Trip to Lower Engadine)

Any time I meet friends from home, or whenever I meet people for the first time, they ask me how I like Switzerland. I always say I love it! and they always look at me quite confused. You have to understand the cultural background a bit.

First off, Hungarians tend to focus on negative aspects of anything, and the Swiss tend to count their chickens only when they're hatched, roasted and eaten. Second, people find it incredible that my infatuation with the country is still at such a peak.

In my defense, I have to admit that I'm an all time optimist and usually refrain from having my good mood ruined. But, and this is my main point with this post, I also find the country drop dead gorgeous. Just the other day, when we were doing a short hike in the Jura, we agreed that if we happen to ever move and leave Switzerland, our new destination wil have a lot to make up for. Because, though I don't believe you can find paradise on earth, this little place is as close to it as can be. Especially, if you go to places like the Lower Engadine.