Monday, July 4, 2011

Living the Dream

Yeah, I know. I haven't been exactly the most diligent of bloggers these past few weeks. But I do have some excuses ready, and you'll see they're pretty good ones. In fact, I've been living the Expat Dream...
I know that sounds like happiness kept me from sharing my newest adventures. Well, that's not really true. Astonishment had more to do with it. I was so shocked to see that my seemingly never ending story of struggles had suddenly turned into a fairy tale, that I felt decidedly numb for a while. Then I was busy getting a hold of the dream I was living, just to make sure it wasn't going to flee. Now I'm almost convinced that it's reality so thinking (and writing) about it feels less awkward.

So let's start at the beginning.

In countless posts I've hinted at the struggles I was going through to establish a life here, in Switzerland. When the veils of initial infatuation lifted, the whole experience took on a Shakespearean character. My hilly lover (overflowing with cheese, chocolate and tourists) seemed to be separated from me by a wall of paperwork and strange preconceptions.

The former done I still found the challenge of finding suitable work close to hopeless. I was craving for that position where I can develop and flourish, bringing all my creative energies and fresh ideas to the firm, who, in return, appreciates my efforts and makes me feel an active member of society. Those who know me will tell you by what crazy principles I live. In my ideas, the pay is one of the minor things to consider. Once I'm paid enough to live a modest life on, and set a bit aside for times when I feel like conquering unknown horizons, I'm content. I don't like to be underpaid, of course. I just find that the general atmosphere of the workplace, the chance to develop and make good use of my skills, and the feeling that I'm appreciated and respected are somehow more important than the actual financial reward. But even with my modest needs, such a job was not to be found.

I was beginning to sink into a life of unfulfillment and perpetual melancholy, when the fruit of all my efforts suddenly burst into bloom (there's a weird picture). To cut a long story short, a position to accompany a PhD opened at the University of Geneva. I applied, filing all the material I'd been compiling for almost a year, and after a long wait they replied in the affirmative. In the course of the past two months I've seen a dream unfold in front of my eyes and change my life from a continuous struggle to look for a channel for my creativity into a living success story. Of course, the actual work has not begun yet, but I have the gut feeling that this is what I've been waiting for -- what I've been fighting for.

So you see I've been spending the last few weeks in Expat Heaven. Looking at the world in a different light, through the eyes of the busy working girl, shopping for a smart but original wardrobe, meeting people in and out of my field, enjoying the holidays. Yes, I'm having holidays now, because from September on I'll be super busy being efficient! And, you know, being able to tell holidays and workdays apart is one of the greatest feelings on earth.

Have an awesome week, guys!
I'll be back soon, I promise,
with all sorts of cool things
to do in Switzerland
during the sunny summer months.




  1. Congratulations! Things always end up working out in the end.

  2. :-) Igazán megérdemled, de tényleg! Nagyon örülök, és sok sikert a szeptemberi kezdéshez! Addig meg jó pihenést és készülődést ;)