Monday, July 4, 2011

On Holiday

I can't wait! Now that we have a car, we're a bit more flexible on holiday planning too. We don't have to buy plane tickets 6 months in advance and we can visit more remote areas as well. We've booked two holidays for this summer.

In July we'll spend a week in the Engadine valley, in the Romansch-speaking part of canton Graubünden. 5-6 hours from Geneva by car (I guess similar by train), by the Eastern border of Switzerland, this beautiful area is considered a hidden gem. We're planning to 'switch off' as much as we can, and go hiking and bathing, enjoying the spectacular views and yummy cuisine. I'll let you know how it went and post some pictures too.

Then, in August, we're going for a totally different kind of holiday. We'll spend a week in Cinque Terre, Italy. Another 5-6 hours from Geneva will take us to these picturesque little towns built on the rocks of the Western coast of Italy. I bet it will be packed full of tourists -- but we have our ways of avoiding crowds, so hopefully we'll have a good time. And if we're fed up, we can just jump into the car and head for Tuscany. We'll see...

I'm so excited about these plans, I can't wait to go on holiday! Fortunately we're leaving soon for Engadine. So I have a lot of planning to do... =)

Enjoy your holidays,
and don't forget to check
our holiday pictures!
They'll be on soon.

Bisous ;)


Feeling Festive

I guess it's a world wide trend nowadays that, once it's warm enough to ditch winter coats, festivals spring up like mushrooms all over the place. I love mushrooms. And I love festivals.

There's just something non-conform, something bohemian about them. Going to a club somehow never feels so liberating and so invigorating. There's something in entering an area particularly designated to partying and general fun. It's like a world where gravitation changes: it draws you to a different nucleus, to the center of the party universe. Social barriers cease to exist, we're all chums, guests at an immense house party, a party of all kinds of music and entertainment. And when there's nothing else to do, you can just... well, be festive!

Living the Dream

Yeah, I know. I haven't been exactly the most diligent of bloggers these past few weeks. But I do have some excuses ready, and you'll see they're pretty good ones. In fact, I've been living the Expat Dream...