Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindle 3 (My Thoughts)

So I've had my Kindle 3 for like 2-3 months now. And honestly, I LOVE it! In fact, the reason why I haven't written about it before is exactly because it is so good. I've been reading so much that I've kinda been neglecting my other hobbies... Yeah, there's a drawback for you. LOL

Well, let's start with my business reasons, as my husband likes to call them. He also says that I shouldn't watch any ads because that was what got me hooked on the Kindle. It is so not true. What happened was that I was watching an interview with the Amazon guys responsible for its development, my eyes all red from reading academic articles on my notebook, my hands full of paper cuts from the print outs... and you can imagine how I felt when they started talking about how good the Kindle is on the eyes and how you don't have to carry all those books with you, can read in sunlight and use basically any formats you're likely to read... Kind of understandable why I got hooked. And I'll admit I did.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buying a Car in Germany and Importing it to Switzerland

I know this post's been due for some time. But we're finally done with the whole process, so I can tell you all how it's done. ^^ So if you want to buy your car a lot cheaper than you would in Switzerland, and you're not afraid of a little paperwork, keep reading 'coz I'm about to tell you all the secrets of the trade. ;)