Friday, May 6, 2011

*Happy* :)

I'm sure we all have this strange feeling, from time to time, that something just makes us happy for no specific reason. Think of the color of strawberries, the shape of a cloud, or the taste of your granny's cookies. There's no reason why one little thing would make you bubble with joy while others you can pass by unnoticed. Or that's what we tend to say. But we all know, if we stop to think about it, just why these little things can make life look better so suddenly.

Take me and my uncontrollable smile whenever I smell lilacs. I haven't experienced the same with any other flower: I absolutely love the smell of freesias and jasmines and my bathroom cabinet is full of the scent of roses and lavenders. And yet. Lilacs! I'm smiling even now I imagine their scent. And the funny thing is I don't even have to imagine it. I'm surrounded by lilacs 24 hours a day, thanks to Bulgari's Omnia Amethyste.

It was really strange, as if predetermined, how I came upon this perfume. At Easter, visiting friends and family, I happened to arrive in Hungary at the time when lilacs started to bloom. In the countryside there were hedges of them and the scent was just so marvelous! And made me forget all my worries and become enchanted by sweet old memories. And I wanted to bury my head in the luscious flowers so that I can keep these memories with me as long as possible. I wanted to be able to smell lilacs any time during the year... And then, when I was shopping for my fav mascara, the girl slipped a little sample into the paper bag. It was only back in Geneva that I opened the bag and tried the thing -- and it smelled like LILACS! :) It got me so curious that I just had to check the next day how much the perfume costs. And, guess what, the old style bottle was on sale at IMPORT PARFUMERIE! So, instead of CHF 59, I got the 25 ml bottle for 29! A deal, isn't it? And I actually like the old, round bottle better than the new one! ;)

I can't say I'm really following perfume trends. Wearing a scent is much like choosing my music to me: it has to make me feel good. And, in the case of perfumes, very good. For quality perfume is no cheap deal and I don't feel like splurging on eaux that don't make me feel very good -- in one way or another. I normally go for spicy scents (not musky exactly but almost) that make me want to smile playfully and dream of fluffy pillows and candlelight. In summer I might sway towards red berries and old fashioned girliness, but I guess those spicy undertones never leave my aura for long. If I think about it though, my craze (in order of appearance) for Lily Angel and Innocent, Hypnose, Amor Amor and its version Tentation, Si Lolita last summer and Absolutely me and Euphoria during the colder months -- well, all this has a reason.

I'm crazily sensitive to scents. I don't mean to say that my sense of smell is better than anyone else. But I can instantly recognize scents and associate them with myriads of situations I've smelled them in. Maybe I'm so fond of heavier scents because they remind me of my teenage years (scented candles and heavy wine and drawn curtains and kisses heavy with myths), or the perfumes my mom used to wear when I was still experimenting with watercolors and colored markers as makeup. But lilac is even more special than these.

Every time I skid into that freshly sprayed cloud of Bulgari's eau, I feel that all those happy moments are rushing back to me. As if my head was burrowed into a huge bouquet of lilacs, and when I open my eyes I could see my granny smiling at me and saying how nice my new little dress is and that I'm such a little princess. And I would roam around the schoolyard snatching bunches of lilac from the fence which had been decorated for the school leaving ceremony. And I would only laugh when little Tommy said I wasn't a girl at all, why, only look at my dirty hands and knees! Oh, all those happy moments, and they're never really gone if I open my eyes. The scent lingers and so do the memories.

I was really amazed at first that an EDT can be so long lasting. I normally don't buy them for fear they evaporate too quickly -- which they do, most of the time. But not this one. And I only need a tiny bit -- well, I'm not gonna drench all the people around me in lilac... But I wear my shawl of invisible lilacs with a smug and happy little smile, any my happy little secrets in my heart.

Have a lovely weekend.
I'll be back soon! ;)

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