Friday, May 6, 2011

*Happy* :)

I'm sure we all have this strange feeling, from time to time, that something just makes us happy for no specific reason. Think of the color of strawberries, the shape of a cloud, or the taste of your granny's cookies. There's no reason why one little thing would make you bubble with joy while others you can pass by unnoticed. Or that's what we tend to say. But we all know, if we stop to think about it, just why these little things can make life look better so suddenly.

Take me and my uncontrollable smile whenever I smell lilacs. I haven't experienced the same with any other flower: I absolutely love the smell of freesias and jasmines and my bathroom cabinet is full of the scent of roses and lavenders. And yet. Lilacs! I'm smiling even now I imagine their scent. And the funny thing is I don't even have to imagine it. I'm surrounded by lilacs 24 hours a day, thanks to Bulgari's Omnia Amethyste.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back on Track

It's totally incredible. I honestly didn't think I'll ever be able to sit down and write a post... like ever.
Saying that I've been busy is a huge understatement. First I got sick (I don't even remember having been so sick during my adult life) and then, despite the fact that my carry-on was full of Kleenex and mouth drops, I took a plane to spend the holidays (and a couple days more) with my family and friends in Hungary. And then, just when I thought things were cooling down, I started applying for this amazing job like crazy. I can't tell you anything yet (yeah, I don't wanna jinx it ^^), but I'm just superexcited! Oh, and in the meantime we ventured into the car import business -- just kidding, we actually bought a car in Germany, undertaking all the fuss and paperwork, instead of paying the (ridiculous) Swiss price tag.

So I'm back, with info on importation procedures, philosophic posts on expat life, whispering beauty and fashion secrets; and in general telling you about my adventures roaming and taming the Swiss plains humps and bumps. ;)

Enjoy the sunshine my lovely darlings
and keep tuned for
the freshest weirdest most interesting
my select news
from Switzerland.
With love.