Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soft Turquoise Spring Eye Makeup

I love turquoise and all shades of green. But I have to be careful when I use them as eye makeup colors, since they can very easily wash my eyes out and give me a cheap 80s look. I've been experimenting with different options for years but always ended up removing the makeup before I left home. I didn't feel I could wear the color with confidence.

When I decided to wear my Lanvin for H&M tee to work, though, I really wanted to wear it with a touch of color on my lids to make up for the lack of jewelry around my face (normally I wear quite a bit). So when I was done with my eye liner I tentatively reached for my turquoise Make Up Forever liner. I started with just a touch and built it up to a thin but decidedly colorful line. And I loved the effect!


(M.A.D Minerals Indelible 3 in 1 Eyeliner in Pandora; Bourjois Liner Effect Waterproof Mascara; Make Up Forever Pearly Waterproof Eyeliner 7L (very similar to the new Aqua Eyes); Revlon Brow Boosters in Blond/Gold; MNY tinted chapstick in 801A)
Thank you for reading! Have a nice week ^^ xoxo fleur

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