Friday, March 4, 2011

My Style #5 [OOTD] - Long Legs in a Sec, No Workout ;)

Look at how slender and long some XL boots can make your legs look! ;)
This is real magic! ;)
I know that the jacket (especially the oversized pockets) adds quite a bit on the hips but I just love its style and usually wear it open with a number of kickass necklaces dangling all over... And anyway, who cares about your hips when you have the longest legs in the world? XD XD XD


(Scholl boots, Bershka skinny jeans, H&M black denim jacket, H&M top/tunic, my ol' scarf, H&M gray cardigan -- I bet I'm also wearing a couple of said necklaces only they're kept warm and tucked away ^^)

Have an awesome weekend, guys! ;)
Thanx for dropping by!


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