Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yummy Supermarket Fondue

I know I'm very very late with this post... But. First the picture I wanted to share with you disappeared from my computer, and then, to make it all worse, I could no longer find this awesome product in our local supermarket. So I hope this is not a requiem and we'll soon be able to dip our bread crumbs into this magnificent concoction again!

The reason I was so thrilled with this type of fondue is that as fond as I am of Vacherin, I like my fondue a lot more Gruyere-y, if you know what I mean. The moitié-moitié (half Gruyere, half Vacherine) kind is just too soft and greasy for me, so I prefer a stronger, saltier taste. Besides, I am always on the lookout for refrigerated fondue packages that contain no wine or spices, because, as I like to add these fresh, I feel they're simply decreasing the quality of the product.

So I loved the 600 grams of sheer delight that came in a golden brown packaging, with a red pot (much like ours) filled to the brim with the stuff painted on it. It was called Fondue de Gruyere et A********* de Gruyere, and I can't remember for the life of me what that word was. As far as I could gather from the description it was some different form of the cheese, maybe at a different state of fermentation... but I'm just guessing. But it was delicious.

As Friday is cheese day in our little Swiss home, and we were running out of options, I was really hard pressed to find a substitute. As all the other packages had the ominous moitié-moitié label, and I so hate don't enjoy chopping cheese, I went for the one product that was different.

And oh my! We were hooked. This one had 100% Bergkase (mountain cheese) as its base, and though only contained 500 grams of the stuff, convinced us that yes, there is still some fondue out there to live for. A lot lighter than what we normally go for, it was perfect for a late lunch for two. The taste was different of course, but delicious and intriguing.

So I say go for it folks!

Please let me know which is your fav cheese fondue, so that our little team can give it a go!

Happy melting! ;)



  1. I would be really sorry if the A**** thing disappeared for good... but the other one sounds no less exciting! :)

  2. Yeah, that was the best part. I hope it will be back to stores soon! :)