Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummy Supermarket Fondue -- The Best

OK, guys, this is the real deal.


This is seriously the best fondue I've ever eaten.It's creamy and soft, has the most addictive taste to it and keeps you craving more. Not as greasy as the moitié-moitié type and a lot more distinctive.

It's about CHF 12 at Coop. (Though you have to be lucky to find it so I tend to stock up.)

400 g is enough for two, I think, add a salad and pickles and you'll have the most awesome meal.

I normally do as the recipe says and follow my instincts. Use a piece of garlic to "grease" the pot (I take my time doing this because I don't put garlic in the actual fondue). Melt the contents of the bag (i.e. the cheese) with 1 dl of white wine (around 4 fluid oz, I use cheap Swiss baking wine, which actually is quite delicious =D). When it's bubbling, add a generous amount of kirsch and spices (nutmeg, white pepper and garlic powder being the most popular choices) and more wine if it's too thick.

Place it on a burner and you're good to... dip! ;)

Bon app! ;)

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