Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I'm Loving [Drugstore Beauty Products]

I've been on a hunt for good drugstore products for more than a year now. The Swiss market was totally different from what I was used to and it was quite a struggle to set up a beauty routine that would keep me my regular well-moisturized self. =)

Initially I was "importing" stuff from Hungary, but it soon turned out that I just don't have a suitcase that would be big enough for all I need. Besides, it was quite a pain and I often ran out of products between two visits. So, anyway, I thought if we were going to live here (which seems quite sure now) I should start looking for more sustainable options.

Well, it's taken me a while, but I do have a couple of favorites now. Here's some of them. You can get these in any supermarket or drugstore in Switzerland, or at least in most of them. But they're really easy to find.


Veet Supreme Essence In-Shower Depilatory Cream -- This stuff is amazing. Takes around 5 minutes, none of which is really uncomfortable. I usually wash my teeth in the meantime or wait one minute and start taking a shower as normal. I'm not saying it's particularly natural and the smell of ammonia as well as the fact that it removes hair in 5 minutes always make me think what the heck I'm doing putting this stuff on... But, you know, it still works wonders and, though I'm not using it as my primary means to achieve smooth legs, I still think it's the best option if you're on holiday or in a rush. And it makes the skin so very very smooth! I guess because all dead cells are eliminated, along with a coat of living ones. =) But seriously, I love this stuff. Also, it's a really good prepping to any other ways of hair removal. I love my Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry, but I must have very sensitive skin, as even that tends to leave my skin irritated. If I alternate the two, though, I find that I don't have that problem any more. I guess the cream makes the hairs finer and easier to remove.

Coop Nail Polish Removal Pads -- Actually, there are many brands available in Switzerland that make this type of product. I was very skeptical at first but as I was leaving for weeks and I wasn't sure how often I would have the chance to remove my polish the regular way, and what products would be available in Asia if I didn't take the (very flammable) liquid with me. So I grabbed the cheapest one and was shocked to discover its benefits. First, it's as good as any. Second, it's an oil based consistency, which doesn't leave my nails so dry. Third, it doesn't smell anything like nail polish remover (which gives me a headache and nausea if exposed to it too long)! And of course, it's fast. The only downside, maybe, is that as it's oil based you have to wash your hands immediately. But I do that with the regular one as well, anyway.

Maybelline Cils Demasq Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover -- It's taken me a long time and a shelf of totally useless eye makeup removers to find one that actually works. And this is awesome. The thing is I only use waterproof makeup, or I'm wearing a base or something. I hate panda eyes and I just cannot make sure I touch up my makeup during the day. Nevertheless, I love dramatic looks and huge black lashes, so at the end of the day I end up rubbing my eyes till they're red (literally). After having rubbed so hard my eye sockets hurt for a week (!), I ended up using plain olive oil, which works fine and removes all traces, but leaves your eyes oily (well, it's very moisturizing but still), which is really hard to remove. Miss Chiveous on Youtube mentioned this one in one of her videos and I thought I'd give it a try. It was cheap, around CHF 7 and it's the best I've ever tried. I don't know which ingredient to thank but it actually glides on the skin, hence no rubbing and the whole process takes seconds. A treasure.

Le Petit Marseillais Honey and Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner -- "I have the fines hair in the realm," my family used to say and I bet you I'd win any contest. And once it's longer than shoulder length, it starts to shed and the new hairs (for I've been explained that it's not hair loss but hair renewal) give me such a frizz you wouldn't believe it. Not if I'm using the right products, anyway. And these are among the best. They make my hair smooth and shiny and keep the frizz at bay. My favorite conditioner is American Cream by Lush and though I absolutely love it, I was looking for a cheaper alternative. And I think this is as good a dupe as can be. As I wash my hair three times a week, it's no small relief that this costs half the price too. I think it's the shea butter that makes both so amazing and I think it will be long before I get bored of the results.

OK, guys, be happy and beautiful
and please let me know
if you'd like to see more posts like this
and what your favorite drugstore products are.
All the best


  1. Salut, thank you for the suggestions concerning Veet supreme Essence, will gladly check out veet.ch.

    Concerning effective hair removal, I haven´t found a place in Switzerland yet that is not totally overpriced or really low quality. Usually, I go to Germany or Italy for this purpose. Well, hope you have a good time in wonderful Geneve! All the best, Alex

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