Friday, February 11, 2011

My Style #4 [OOTD]

OK, maybe this is nothing special. Not that I wanted it to be. =) This is just a quick shot of what I wear to work, to distinguish myself from the crowd of bankers -- and a bit from teenage fashionistas as well. ;)

So here's the look, I hope you'll like it. I love toning down feminine tops with jeans and cardigans, and these denim leggings are really a godsend!

You guys know how I feel about leggings, but these are a special breed, taking after their "parents" in the best possible way. A blend between overly sturdy jeans and all-too- revealing leggings, they keep you warm without showing too much curves or bulging out. Thumbs up to the trend! ;)


(Promod top; H&M denim leggings -- zip in the back, for a sexy feel and more comfort! ;); H&M cardigan and halterneck top; Scholl booties; my mom's (fake LOL) beads)

Hope you liked it! ;)
The trend be with you all. =D


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