Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mes Bottes Scholl + Wedding Pic ^^

As you could see here and here, I'm sporting two pieces of Scholl's winter collection. And I absolutely love them!

I know. When you hear Scholl, you inevitably think of ugly orthopedic shoes. Yeah, that's what I had always thought of before I somehow wandered into one of their shops last summer in Hungary. Desperately hunting the perfect wedding shoes, I stumbled upon this treasury in one of the huge malls in the capital. And guess what! I bought my wedding shoes there. I know what you're thinking. Wedding shoes aren't known for comfort but rather for their elegance and all that junk. But I was not willing to be limping ever after just to have the most sophisticated shoes hidden under my gown. Besides, I wanted something funky. I'm no princess and I really wanted to balance my vintage style dress with something modern. I wanted comfort and at least 3 inch heels (that was the highest I had when the dressmaker took my measurements). I ended up with this gorgeous pair, and I haven't measured the heels but they're at least 5 inches -- which made kissing the groom a lot less awkward! ^^

Well, I love these two latest of my growing Scholl collection (I'm planning to stock for a year-round collection so that I'd never have to wear uncomfortable shoes again -- only if I really wanted to! ^^). They're the softest leather but are supported by the sturdiest soles so you can't feel all the cobbles under your toes. And I bet they help distribute the pressure equally along my back.

So, anyone thinking that Scholl shoes are ugly should think again. They're are very comfortable, yes, amazingly so, but they're also up to the latest trends. I haven't got so many compliments for any of my shoes as I constantly get for my knee-high boots. And girls are so sad when I tell them they're not available in Switzerland.

OK, here's a shot of my wedding shoes. I exchanged the black cord laces for a pair of silver cords but with the benefit of hindsight I'd rather wear them with silk ribbons or a length of lace. But I loved them nonetheless. Oh, and yes. I'm quite short. ^^ But, as my family often says, there's just so much you can get of this this quality stuff. =D

Love you guys loads.


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