Friday, February 18, 2011

Chamoneeee! -- When the slopes are but a day away! ^^ [BEST ski gear deals and my first skiing trip]

It's here, my first ever ski trip, and I'm so excited!

After looking around for the best option, we decided to buy our gear from Manor. First of all, renting all the stuff we need for a week would have been only half the price and, while who knows what quality you get at rental places, if we ever choose to ski again our quality gear was already worth it. We then went with Manor because it had amazing deals on the best products. I'm not saying that everything we bought was the best quality, but I was amazed at the good deal we got on the skis and the clothes (Rossignol, Salomon and RipCurl, respectively).

So this weekend we'll finally hit the slopes. I hope they'll be OK as there hasn't been much snow lately... We're also planning to take classes, just to avoid the kind of progress I've made with skating. Taught by friends over the years, I can easily survive on the ice and have lots of fun too but I don't really control my speed and I definitely can't stop. Our ice skating sessions usually start with one of my friends giving me a push and then, when they're about to leave, someone collecting me and dragging me out. I don't really fall, I just go around and around. ^^ The problem with this method is that ski slopes are rarely circular... =D

I'm so excited, you can't imagine! Of course, I'm excited about skiing itself but I'm also really looking forward to putting on all this stuff (I can see that it will take a while till I can leave the house, trudging awkwardly in my ski boots...). And we're going to Chamonix (France), one of the most famous ski resorts of the area! Besides, we're going with one of our dearest friends, renting a cabin together, in the mountains. It's gonna be so much fun! We'll play boardgames and maybe even a bit of D&D and just have general fun. Aaaand, I'll be on holiday, something that's always cool. ^^

I don't know about the facilities, hopefully I'll be able to check my emails etc. on my Kindle 3G, but I guess I won't really be able to post here for a while. But, when I'm back, I'll definitely let you guys know how it went. ;)

Have fun till then.
See you soon.
Bear hugs (with all my gear on I look like a snowball ^^)


  1. tökjótökjó! Képzeld, mi is most hétvégén megyünk síelni (azért pár hegycsúcsnyival odébb leszünk) =), és aha, majd' kibújok a bőrömből! Egy hétre mentek? Biztos nagyon jó lesz! Hajrá! :)

  2. igen, jövő szombatig! :) amúgy lassan Noel is belenő, a suli honlapján 3 éves kortól vannak kurzusok ;) (biztos vagyok benne, h neki jobban menne, mint nekem fog ;))