Friday, February 18, 2011

Chamoneeee! -- When the slopes are but a day away! ^^ [BEST ski gear deals and my first skiing trip]

It's here, my first ever ski trip, and I'm so excited!

After looking around for the best option, we decided to buy our gear from Manor. First of all, renting all the stuff we need for a week would have been only half the price and, while who knows what quality you get at rental places, if we ever choose to ski again our quality gear was already worth it. We then went with Manor because it had amazing deals on the best products. I'm not saying that everything we bought was the best quality, but I was amazed at the good deal we got on the skis and the clothes (Rossignol, Salomon and RipCurl, respectively).

So this weekend we'll finally hit the slopes. I hope they'll be OK as there hasn't been much snow lately... We're also planning to take classes, just to avoid the kind of progress I've made with skating. Taught by friends over the years, I can easily survive on the ice and have lots of fun too but I don't really control my speed and I definitely can't stop. Our ice skating sessions usually start with one of my friends giving me a push and then, when they're about to leave, someone collecting me and dragging me out. I don't really fall, I just go around and around. ^^ The problem with this method is that ski slopes are rarely circular... =D

I'm so excited, you can't imagine! Of course, I'm excited about skiing itself but I'm also really looking forward to putting on all this stuff (I can see that it will take a while till I can leave the house, trudging awkwardly in my ski boots...). And we're going to Chamonix (France), one of the most famous ski resorts of the area! Besides, we're going with one of our dearest friends, renting a cabin together, in the mountains. It's gonna be so much fun! We'll play boardgames and maybe even a bit of D&D and just have general fun. Aaaand, I'll be on holiday, something that's always cool. ^^

I don't know about the facilities, hopefully I'll be able to check my emails etc. on my Kindle 3G, but I guess I won't really be able to post here for a while. But, when I'm back, I'll definitely let you guys know how it went. ;)

Have fun till then.
See you soon.
Bear hugs (with all my gear on I look like a snowball ^^)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mes Bottes Scholl + Wedding Pic ^^

As you could see here and here, I'm sporting two pieces of Scholl's winter collection. And I absolutely love them!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I'm Loving [Drugstore Beauty Products]

I've been on a hunt for good drugstore products for more than a year now. The Swiss market was totally different from what I was used to and it was quite a struggle to set up a beauty routine that would keep me my regular well-moisturized self. =)

Initially I was "importing" stuff from Hungary, but it soon turned out that I just don't have a suitcase that would be big enough for all I need. Besides, it was quite a pain and I often ran out of products between two visits. So, anyway, I thought if we were going to live here (which seems quite sure now) I should start looking for more sustainable options.

Well, it's taken me a while, but I do have a couple of favorites now. Here's some of them. You can get these in any supermarket or drugstore in Switzerland, or at least in most of them. But they're really easy to find.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Walking on Thin Ice [A D&D Adventure]

Here's the intro to the next D&D (4th Ed) adventure I'm DMing. I'm not saying it's perfect narrative, but it's not really meant to be. There's not a lot of descriptions because I would like my players to tell the stories from their perspective and present their characters. This is just to give my players (and now you guys) a feel for the game and make it all the more easier to join in the fun. As we're a small group (2 players and myself), we'll need a fair amount of NPCs, but I think that only adds to the fun. I'm a newbie DM anyway, so I'll make use of the interesting terrain and an intriguing storyline rather than complicated foes and the like.

So this is what it's gonna look like.


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Style #4 [OOTD]

OK, maybe this is nothing special. Not that I wanted it to be. =) This is just a quick shot of what I wear to work, to distinguish myself from the crowd of bankers -- and a bit from teenage fashionistas as well. ;)

So here's the look, I hope you'll like it. I love toning down feminine tops with jeans and cardigans, and these denim leggings are really a godsend!

You guys know how I feel about leggings, but these are a special breed, taking after their "parents" in the best possible way. A blend between overly sturdy jeans and all-too- revealing leggings, they keep you warm without showing too much curves or bulging out. Thumbs up to the trend! ;)


(Promod top; H&M denim leggings -- zip in the back, for a sexy feel and more comfort! ;); H&M cardigan and halterneck top; Scholl booties; my mom's (fake LOL) beads)

Hope you liked it! ;)
The trend be with you all. =D


Yummy Supermarket Fondue -- The Best

OK, guys, this is the real deal.


The Expat Disease

I haven't been the best of bloggers these past weeks, I know. But I've been brought up on the principle that if you have nothing nice to say just keep quiet. And I don't see any point to complaining as I find it a horrible weakness of humanity -- to sit down and plunge into self pity instead of doing one's best to improve whatever conditions might need improving. I believe that as long as you're alive you have the greatest of gifts and of possibilities. You can always take that deep breath and get up.

And yet, it seems that this thing has caught up to me. I had always known it existed, I just thought I would be the last person to give in to it. Maybe I am. (But then I'm afraid, humanity is doomed. =D) That doesn't make it feel any better though, and doesn't make it any less real. It's a strange feeling, as if you were rotting from the inside, and it somehow prevents you to even think of a cure. A cure to the expat disease.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yummy Supermarket Fondue

I know I'm very very late with this post... But. First the picture I wanted to share with you disappeared from my computer, and then, to make it all worse, I could no longer find this awesome product in our local supermarket. So I hope this is not a requiem and we'll soon be able to dip our bread crumbs into this magnificent concoction again!