Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Makeup

Hi guys, I'm writing this because recently I've discovered that I've been changing a lot during these past years and I feel quite grown up. Which means that most of my preferences and attitudes are very different from when I started this blog -- and I would say I rather prefer the change.

People have been misunderstanding me most of my life. =D Oh that just sounds really ridiculous! But I think you know what I mean. Not like in a bad/sad way. It's just that I've always looked so different from what I really was. I never blame anyone, looking in the mirror I can totally understand them. =)

One of the most misleading things about me is makeup.

 I must admit that there was a time when I just couldn't leave the house without a full makeup. But I guess that was more due to teenage insecurity than any vanity or obsession I might have had. But for a while now I've been thinking of makeup much more as an addition to my everyday look, a form of art (I also love drawing and I'm not too bad at it) that helps express my mood and my personality. And though I would not leave home completely bare faced, it's just because without any makeup on I look like a sleep deprived 17 year old. And most of the time I'm doing things where I have to be taken seriously.

I do love makeup in a way. It's a lot like drawing and it can really accentuate the beauty of a face. But I also think that when the effort is too obvious it can look more ridiculous than flattering. So I usually do it as long as I think it's fun but still natural. To give you an example, I normally focus on the eyes and unless I want to look really gorgeous for some special occasion, I skip blush and bronzer. Lips are for fun, so while I like to play up my eyes the way they look best, I like to experiment with lip color and style. It can be taken off easily. If I want to look polished and sophisticated (and look my age too), for instance at a job interview, I tend to wear a sheer coat of foundation (foundation can easily age anyone with youthful skin) and just a hint of blush (which can easily take off years). I rarely wear concealer. My skin is so transparent that although I've spent summers focusing on getting enough sleep to diminish them, I have like permanent dark circles. Nowadays I just don't care. If it really annoys me, I dab a little liquid foundation below my eyes and on my cheeks. But usually I don't bother. I love blushes and highlighters just because they're pretty. Like bubble bath. Or ice cream. =)

So no, as opposed to what people tend to think, I'm not really obsessed with makeup. Nor do I wear a lot. And I'm not that good either. I just like experimenting. I think as long as you do it for fun, makeup is a marvelous thing.

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