Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Style #1 [OOTD]

I wanted to add more festive looks, I really did. But then I couldn't really decide when I was being festive and when it was just... well, my style. So now I've decided to go with that theme because although I would wear these any time (glammed up with accessories or changing some details for more formal occasions), I guess others would consider them strictly everyday. But for me these outfits are very versatile. I think the most stunning look can only be achieved if you're perfectly confident and comfortable in it. I could don a cocktail dress -- but believe me 90% of them would look ridiculous on me. Mostly because I normally don't feel comfortable wearing them.

So here's the first one of my "collection". I hope you like it. ;)

(sleeveless flapper dress with lace skirt, Promod; cardigan with buttoned cuffs, H&M; scarf, it's 7 years old, I have no idea :); grey wool blend tights, H&M; kickass knee high wedge boots, Dr Scholl.)

(black military themed denim jacket, H&M; scarf, Zara)

(ugly duckling "vintage" bag, ok, this has a story. :) I hate 80s fashion, so I discarded this little gem when we were "vintage hopping" with my mom last spring. But then I glanced inside and it has the most amazing construction and... and I just fell for it. It's so ugly that it is actually a state of art piece. May you find such pieces. XD)

OK, my darlings, this is all for now.
I'll be back soon with more My Style pics.
Thank you for stopping by.
Have an awesome Thursday evening/night you all.


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