Monday, January 24, 2011

My Style #3 [OOTD]

Hi, there. Here's the next of my favorites.
I love the fluffiness of the sleeves and the skirt. Hope you like it too! ;)

I'm a "Kindler"! :D

OK, not just yet. Well, theoretically I am, but the truth is the device is just getting shipped to me. But I'm so excited! In a strange, reasonable way. =)

Normally, when I'm buying some gadget, I'm excited to start "playing" with it (customizing it and generally having fun exploring its features, should it be a cellphone or a toaster). But this time I'm more excited about... well, reading. All those hundreds of thousands of books that are available for a small fee -- or even free.

So this post is about why I decided to buy a Kindle and how ordering one from Europe actually goes.

Thank you for tuning in and keep reading if you're interested.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Makeup

Hi guys, I'm writing this because recently I've discovered that I've been changing a lot during these past years and I feel quite grown up. Which means that most of my preferences and attitudes are very different from when I started this blog -- and I would say I rather prefer the change.

People have been misunderstanding me most of my life. =D Oh that just sounds really ridiculous! But I think you know what I mean. Not like in a bad/sad way. It's just that I've always looked so different from what I really was. I never blame anyone, looking in the mirror I can totally understand them. =)

One of the most misleading things about me is makeup.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Style #2 [OOTD]

OK, so here's the next of my favorites.
I love this sort of outfit because it's stylish enough for everyday wear but so very comfy. And you might say some of my other clothes are more flattering, but I love that it's so funky and not very clingy. ;) The top is more gathered in the back (like the frills are not so sparse) and a bit shorter, so in fact it's very flattering. =) Hope you like it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pill

I was still chuckling at all the puns that hit me when I was thinking of a title for this one. And then I remembered. This is not a funny story. This is a sad one. Well, it does have a happy ending but that didn't come easy. And I guess I'll never get back all those years of my life I spent nervous and unhappy -- all because of this tiny little thing called the Pill.

Not many people know this about me, though I've often told parts of the story of "this friend of mine" as a shocking testimony. I'm sharing it with you as such now, to tell you about my experience. It's happily behind me now, and I wanted to post about it before I start forgetting it. I know I never will completely, but I don't think about it much these days.

I have to emphasize here that I'm not against contraception. Not at all. But I believe that at the end of the day many options prove to be just as efficient as any other. And what bugs me is that gynecologists tend to overlook many of them. I do understand their point to some extent, that they want girls to be safe and not to worry about them any more. But I think if you're going to take something so strong (I haven't even taken antibiotics in years because I don't consider them necessary most of the time), it's your right to know about the potential consequences and other alternatives.

Friday, January 14, 2011

On Kids ;)

You know the joke about the guy who used to attend funerals as a single man or with a girlfriend. Older relatives would keep asking him "So, honey, are you gonna be next?" Well, they stopped when he started attending funerals and asking them the same...

I don't think this actually ever happened. And I don't think I'd ever do it. But I think the message's clear.

And I guess it would have taken us a lot longer to decide to get married (well, for Him to propose and for me to say yes) had we been to do it under the keen scrutiny of all the people we knew -- and who had promptly asked us during those 10 years. But fortunately we were on foreign waters and no one was nudging us. We were free to think straight and distinguish our wishes from those of others.

So that leaves us with a happy ending, doesn't it? Well, as for marriage, it does. I've still heard a couple of times people sighing and exclaiming "oh, I'd told you you two should get married!" but we only share conspiratory winks and let friends and relatives have their fun. Good that we didn't do it for them. =) However, now there's a new theme to the unending questions, for "it is a universally acknowledged truth" that young people who have fulfilled the criterion of getting promptly married should move onto the next step and reproduce. OK, I guess we are way too cool a chromosome pool for the world to waste but... Here's what I think about having kids.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Style #1 [OOTD]

I wanted to add more festive looks, I really did. But then I couldn't really decide when I was being festive and when it was just... well, my style. So now I've decided to go with that theme because although I would wear these any time (glammed up with accessories or changing some details for more formal occasions), I guess others would consider them strictly everyday. But for me these outfits are very versatile. I think the most stunning look can only be achieved if you're perfectly confident and comfortable in it. I could don a cocktail dress -- but believe me 90% of them would look ridiculous on me. Mostly because I normally don't feel comfortable wearing them.

So here's the first one of my "collection". I hope you like it. ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011! (and Topics for January!)

Happy New Year Everyone!

I left Hungary yesterday and spent much of the journey thinking about my life here and there and whether I had one at all. Not that I'm particularly prone to pessimism and depression. But these past few weeks in Hungary made me think and I wanted to grab at the opportunity. It is such a special experience to see one's life as if from far away and flying hundreds of kilometers above the Earth and being literally neither here nor there helped me understand a lot. This post will not be about my ramblings, though. Instead I'd like to give you all a heads up and list some of the topics that would come up during the course of the next few weeks, as a result of my recent experiences.

So this month you'll see more about