Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping in Geneva

I've been meaning to finish and post this for months. seriously. Because while previously I hadn't really been concerned with groceries, since September I've been working full time and have had to plan shopping very carefully. Where I could easily time my grocery rounds before, now I really have to fit them into a tight schedule. So where do I go then? Keep reading to find out! ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life's changing... [What (my) life really is like in Switzerland]

 [Whatever your search engine says, this post has nothing to do with sex. sorry guys. =D]

I still think it was one of my truest metaphor when I compared my 'relationship' to Geneva to a love affair. (And believe me, I live in metaphors.) And that's not mainly because of my infatuation or the fact that many of the symptoms I've developed over the years resemble an acutely sore heart. No, the real resemblance, that makes me think of tragic love stories is the way this city treats you.

Let me explain. When I first set foot in Geneva, a couple of years prior to actually settling here, I was amazed by the jewel box feel of the city. And I don't mean the shops or anything like that. But the neat little houses, the tiny bridges, the odd medieval touch on the walls -- it all made me fall in love with it. It was so cute I wanted to hug it. Coming from a city of two million, it felt incredibly small and fabulously breezy at the same time. And, though many things have changed since then -- not necessarily in the cityscape but in my own life -- it still continues to amaze me. Every morning I cross the old town on my way to work, the sheer beauty of it caresses my soul just like a gentle goodbye kiss: 'I'll wait for you, honey, when you get home'. But there's something bitter about it too. Sometimes all these promises are no more than taunt and bait and you get a glimpse of the cold reality...

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Working Girl's Blog

Yes, that is exactly what this has become. I believe apologizing for the lack of posts on any blog is kind of lame -- you could very well spend that time writing a proper post.

So I'm not going to apologize, nor do I think there's any reason I should. My being busy (huurrrrayyy!) is kind of the topic of this post, but in a totally different way. And I'm sure you guys will understand.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little More Italy (The Trip Continues)

So we spent our fist (half) day at Monterosso's beach. It was marvelously refreshing, though we soon realized that this holiday was going to be way different from our Engadine trip. Can't say we hadn't been warned, but to be honest it's difficult to imagine a place being so touristy.

Monterosso has the nicest beach of all the villages, and the only proper beach to be honest. We loved the other villages (more on that later) and their little nook-like beaches (more like crevices in the rock), but if you want to have a real beach day (and save traveling costs), Monterosso it is.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Little Italy [Our Trip to Cinque Terre] Part I

I thought this post had long hit the roads of our virtual existence... However, it now seems that I must have dreamed writing it, because clearly it hadn't. I hate when this happens. Like when I was pestering that poor student about his homework, while it had only been in my dreams... Yeah, that's when I switched to very detailed lesson plans. ^^ Not that I don't trust my memory --  I simply don't trust my subconscious.

But what you really wanted to know about, why you clicked here, is our little trip to the Cinque Terre. So I guess I'll cut my ramblings short, and start telling you more about that. Well, I'm kind of in a pickle as to that. According to the stats, many people consult my blog (that sounds so cool, doesn't it?) to find out more about a given topic and to get some specific information otherwise unavailable on the world wide web. But there are those (OK, a minority obviously) who want to know how I fare or -- to be more realistic -- whether a certain place or activity would appeal to them.

You see, I definitely want to keep on providing hard to get information, but I also want to make this post (kinda) fun. So I decided to diverge from my usual informative style of posts filled with links and to do lists and venture into a semi-narrative of what we were doing (and eating) in the south. You'll see I'll still go informative from time to time, but if you're specifically looking for that kind of stuff, I have two tips to give you.  I'll be highlighting the key info, so that you can scan for that. Second, I'll be using the official names of all the things I mention, so whatever search engine is your best friend, they'll be easy to gather more info on. So, let's get started! ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 + 1

During the last few years I've often been joking that I've found the recipe for the perfect 'happily ever after'. Find yourself a cute boyfriend in your late teens, and never let go. =)

OK, if this was so easy, the world would be full of happily married people. But it does work sometimes, as it did with us. It's so funny to think back; no one would have thought 11 years ago that the adventure that one kiss led to would be such a hit!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Really Swiss Experience (Our Trip to Lower Engadine)

Any time I meet friends from home, or whenever I meet people for the first time, they ask me how I like Switzerland. I always say I love it! and they always look at me quite confused. You have to understand the cultural background a bit.

First off, Hungarians tend to focus on negative aspects of anything, and the Swiss tend to count their chickens only when they're hatched, roasted and eaten. Second, people find it incredible that my infatuation with the country is still at such a peak.

In my defense, I have to admit that I'm an all time optimist and usually refrain from having my good mood ruined. But, and this is my main point with this post, I also find the country drop dead gorgeous. Just the other day, when we were doing a short hike in the Jura, we agreed that if we happen to ever move and leave Switzerland, our new destination wil have a lot to make up for. Because, though I don't believe you can find paradise on earth, this little place is as close to it as can be. Especially, if you go to places like the Lower Engadine.

Monday, July 4, 2011

On Holiday

I can't wait! Now that we have a car, we're a bit more flexible on holiday planning too. We don't have to buy plane tickets 6 months in advance and we can visit more remote areas as well. We've booked two holidays for this summer.

In July we'll spend a week in the Engadine valley, in the Romansch-speaking part of canton Graubünden. 5-6 hours from Geneva by car (I guess similar by train), by the Eastern border of Switzerland, this beautiful area is considered a hidden gem. We're planning to 'switch off' as much as we can, and go hiking and bathing, enjoying the spectacular views and yummy cuisine. I'll let you know how it went and post some pictures too.

Then, in August, we're going for a totally different kind of holiday. We'll spend a week in Cinque Terre, Italy. Another 5-6 hours from Geneva will take us to these picturesque little towns built on the rocks of the Western coast of Italy. I bet it will be packed full of tourists -- but we have our ways of avoiding crowds, so hopefully we'll have a good time. And if we're fed up, we can just jump into the car and head for Tuscany. We'll see...

I'm so excited about these plans, I can't wait to go on holiday! Fortunately we're leaving soon for Engadine. So I have a lot of planning to do... =)

Enjoy your holidays,
and don't forget to check
our holiday pictures!
They'll be on soon.

Bisous ;)


Feeling Festive

I guess it's a world wide trend nowadays that, once it's warm enough to ditch winter coats, festivals spring up like mushrooms all over the place. I love mushrooms. And I love festivals.

There's just something non-conform, something bohemian about them. Going to a club somehow never feels so liberating and so invigorating. There's something in entering an area particularly designated to partying and general fun. It's like a world where gravitation changes: it draws you to a different nucleus, to the center of the party universe. Social barriers cease to exist, we're all chums, guests at an immense house party, a party of all kinds of music and entertainment. And when there's nothing else to do, you can just... well, be festive!

Living the Dream

Yeah, I know. I haven't been exactly the most diligent of bloggers these past few weeks. But I do have some excuses ready, and you'll see they're pretty good ones. In fact, I've been living the Expat Dream...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindle 3 (My Thoughts)

So I've had my Kindle 3 for like 2-3 months now. And honestly, I LOVE it! In fact, the reason why I haven't written about it before is exactly because it is so good. I've been reading so much that I've kinda been neglecting my other hobbies... Yeah, there's a drawback for you. LOL

Well, let's start with my business reasons, as my husband likes to call them. He also says that I shouldn't watch any ads because that was what got me hooked on the Kindle. It is so not true. What happened was that I was watching an interview with the Amazon guys responsible for its development, my eyes all red from reading academic articles on my notebook, my hands full of paper cuts from the print outs... and you can imagine how I felt when they started talking about how good the Kindle is on the eyes and how you don't have to carry all those books with you, can read in sunlight and use basically any formats you're likely to read... Kind of understandable why I got hooked. And I'll admit I did.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buying a Car in Germany and Importing it to Switzerland

I know this post's been due for some time. But we're finally done with the whole process, so I can tell you all how it's done. ^^ So if you want to buy your car a lot cheaper than you would in Switzerland, and you're not afraid of a little paperwork, keep reading 'coz I'm about to tell you all the secrets of the trade. ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

*Happy* :)

I'm sure we all have this strange feeling, from time to time, that something just makes us happy for no specific reason. Think of the color of strawberries, the shape of a cloud, or the taste of your granny's cookies. There's no reason why one little thing would make you bubble with joy while others you can pass by unnoticed. Or that's what we tend to say. But we all know, if we stop to think about it, just why these little things can make life look better so suddenly.

Take me and my uncontrollable smile whenever I smell lilacs. I haven't experienced the same with any other flower: I absolutely love the smell of freesias and jasmines and my bathroom cabinet is full of the scent of roses and lavenders. And yet. Lilacs! I'm smiling even now I imagine their scent. And the funny thing is I don't even have to imagine it. I'm surrounded by lilacs 24 hours a day, thanks to Bulgari's Omnia Amethyste.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back on Track

It's totally incredible. I honestly didn't think I'll ever be able to sit down and write a post... like ever.
Saying that I've been busy is a huge understatement. First I got sick (I don't even remember having been so sick during my adult life) and then, despite the fact that my carry-on was full of Kleenex and mouth drops, I took a plane to spend the holidays (and a couple days more) with my family and friends in Hungary. And then, just when I thought things were cooling down, I started applying for this amazing job like crazy. I can't tell you anything yet (yeah, I don't wanna jinx it ^^), but I'm just superexcited! Oh, and in the meantime we ventured into the car import business -- just kidding, we actually bought a car in Germany, undertaking all the fuss and paperwork, instead of paying the (ridiculous) Swiss price tag.

So I'm back, with info on importation procedures, philosophic posts on expat life, whispering beauty and fashion secrets; and in general telling you about my adventures roaming and taming the Swiss plains humps and bumps. ;)

Enjoy the sunshine my lovely darlings
and keep tuned for
the freshest weirdest most interesting
my select news
from Switzerland.
With love.


Monday, April 11, 2011

My Style # 6 [OOTD] -- Princess Coat ;)

I know it's taken me quite long to upload these. But honestly, with all the summery weather we've been having lately, I've found it hard to remember what I was wearing during those two short weeks of spring... Well, here are the pics of me wearing my fabulous Lanvin for H&M coat!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fantasy Writer of the Week: Robert Jordan

I've been planning to do something like this for a very long time now. As for the last couple of years I've been reading little else than fantasy, in my free time, I thought it was a good idea to start reviewing some of the books I liked. Especially because in reading all tastes are so different that the more reviews you read the better you can judge an author's work. I'd like to add my point of view to the vast amount of book reviews out there.

I'll go in no particular order, or rather, in no order of preference. I'm planning to write these posts, going author by author, in the order I read them. I'm determined to keep all kinds of spoilers out of the game, because that's exactly the point of this endeavor: to make it easier for you to decide whether you want to read the book or not. Neither do I want to go into a discussion of the storyline. What I'm going to do is give you some hints as to the style of the writer and the atmosphere of the book. So let's start!

Spring in the Park

IMG_8198 xIMG_8156 xIMG_8163 xIMG_8174 xIMG_8178IMG_8179 x
IMG_8181 xIMG_8182 xIMG_8196 xIMG_8189 xIMG_8190 xIMG_8192 x

spring in the park, a set on Flickr.

Yes, it's finally here. We've had a long and dark winter and, though we've already seen a couple of sunny days, nothing compares to the glory of full spring. And it's finally here. The beauty of parks in full bloom is one of the reasons I love Geneva so much. There's something wild, something unusually natural about these parks. Their trees don't seem subdued servants of the city, only kept to provide shade and occasional esthetic enjoyment. They're free and... somehow they even look happy. They're old and healthy, big and beautiful. If you're around, you must visit these parks once. And share in their beauty and freedom.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why I love Switzerland (Geneva)

Before I start telling you about why I love living in Geneva, I have to emphasize that I don't believe in the "Paradise on Earth" concept. You can go and live on a beautiful tropical island or in the hypest cities of the world, this in itself is not going to make you happy. However, you can definitely prefer one place over another, and I must say that I am pretty impressed with what this one can offer. I'm obsessed with the bright side of life and would probably find a hundred things to enjoy in a desert or in Siberia or even in tribal Africa (some places where I can less easily see myself fitting in...). And I did love living in Hungary, though a couple of things did really bug me continually. But you know what? I just seem to have found my place here. And even if it takes so much effort and time to make Geneva accept me, I think I named it home like a week after landing. Wanna know why? ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teaching English in Switzerland

 [A less comprehensive but somewhat more straightforward update can be found here.]

I'm sure there are many foreigners teaching English (or other languages for that matter) in Switzerland. And many more looking for a way to earn a living teaching here. My experience is restricted to the Geneva area and, though I've heard quite a lot of the situation in other cantons, this is mainly what this post is going to be about. Some of the information here is general, but most of it is specific to the area and is a result of my own "research".
In addition, my experience might also be considered restricted to the private sector as I've been looking for teaching positions at private language schools most of the time. Throughout my career I've mainly taught adults and this is what I actually prefer doing.
So are you thinking about joining the club and becoming a language teacher? Or are you already teaching and planning a move to Switzerland? Maybe this can help you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Change in Regulations: Hungarians welcome! ;)

Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!
Soon (as of May 1, 2011 as far as I know) Hungarians will count as EU citizens when it comes to Swiss work permits. This means that an employee interviewing a Hungarian will no longer have to consider Swiss and other EU nationals before making a choice. In other words, it will become a lot easier (i.e. feasible) for a Hungarian to get a job in Switzerland. This also means that "jobseeker permits" (as far as I know it's a special kind of L or B permit, to be changed for a "regular" one once a position is secured) can be applied for. I don't know how this affects tourism, though, whether tourists can stay longer too, but I'll look into it.
I'm not a huge nationalist (as you could guess from my posts ^^) and I am by no means biased towards Hungarians. But I do find it rather unfair that citizens of the later batch of EU countries were under such restrictions for such a long time. I do know that in many ways Hungary's barely reaching the standards set forth by the Union. In other cases these are just out of the countries league, period. But one thing is certain. When it comes to workforce and education, we are good. :) Maybe that's what the Swiss fear...
Anyway, jokes aside, I'm looking forward to the changes this new regulation might bring. I know that there are quite a lot of illegal or barely legal immigrant in Switzerland, who find it hard to get work. I hope this opens some doors to them.
And as long as Hungarians keep eating all that Swiss chocolate, it's only fair that a couple of them get imported into cheeseland. And once there, they will now be allowed a life as well. Thank you, Switzerland!

More tips and info soon.
Have a nice week.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Style #6 [OOTD] Playful and Sophisticated

I was so longing for jeans and a tee towards the end of the week! But I did have to go to work and that meant facing all those very important people wearing suits and pencil skirts... I found an alternative, thanks to my fun and exclusive Lanvin for H&M T-shirt and denim blue H&M wool jacket. Here's the look:

Soft Turquoise Spring Eye Makeup

I love turquoise and all shades of green. But I have to be careful when I use them as eye makeup colors, since they can very easily wash my eyes out and give me a cheap 80s look. I've been experimenting with different options for years but always ended up removing the makeup before I left home. I didn't feel I could wear the color with confidence.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair (My "Success" Story)

[Update: Maroccan oil is a life-saver, I can't tell you how much it changed my life. I now simply couldn't live without it.]

We're living in an age of eclectic fashion and everything from pixies to super long tresses is in style. I love the fact that whatever previous fashion era you prefer or whatever your personal style, nowadays it's hard to err. You can sport your grandma's sunglasses and "plastic" A-line dresses from the 60s or you can dig out your 80s disco attire and be the most stylish girl (or guy) in town. Don't forget to throw in some more modern pieces to avoid the crazy retro effect, and success is guaranteed.

The same goes for hair. I can see (both on catwalks and streets -- which often equal in quality here in superstylish Geneva) cuts from the 20s to the 90s and even some very up-to-date styles, all worn with the greatest pride and ingenuity. And I think that's the key to today's fashion, ladies and gentlemen. Ingenuity.

So lately I've been busy embracing my own style, belle epoque glamour with some hard rock influences, and I've been having a hard time figuring out just what hairstyle to sport with all this eclectic awesomeness...

For the past 10 years I've been stuck in the all-too-well-known cycle of short hair/long hair. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the pain of waiting for recently (and impulsively) cut locks to grow out and the ennui that often comes over us girls when we discover that there's just so many things you can do with long hair...

Today's fashion, however, offers countless remedies. First of all, no style is out of fashion, so while you're in the process of waiting for your hair to go, there are many intermediary haircuts you can go for, without looking strained or ridiculous. Second, if you simply prefer one length over another, there's no pressure to change your style. I remember how out-of-date and looked down on short haired girls were in the 90s and how strange and unpolished a simple long haircut seemed around 2005. But this is over, ladies, now the floor is yours and your imagination can take wings on the cool winds of a new fashion era.

I've taken advantage of this encouraging atmosphere to go from this

My Style #5 [OOTD] - Long Legs in a Sec, No Workout ;)

Look at how slender and long some XL boots can make your legs look! ;)
This is real magic! ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Snow Takes on a New Meaning

I've always loved the extremities of nature. Some say (mostly jokingly) that I can only go on five-thousand-franc holidays, but this is so not true. A view from a mountain top (hilltop in Switzerland ;)) or the breeze through the lake is enough to make my day. Make it a snowy slope or a tropical island and you have me thrilled and virtually high with ecstasy.

But, incredible as that sounds, it can get even better than that if we're actually taming those elements. The view from the top of a volcano is stunning. But it becomes an unforgettable experience if you climb for hours to get there and race all the other climbers to be the first to glimpse the sun rising on the horizon! And sledging can be huge fun, as much as a vicious snowball fight. But when you're making the snow your element, turning and slowing and going faster than the wind, when you feel as if you'd been born to conquer all the slopes in the world, when you feel that you could walk the highways of the Alps forever without tiring -- then it becomes something more. Then snow takes on a new meaning.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chamoneeee! -- When the slopes are but a day away! ^^ [BEST ski gear deals and my first skiing trip]

It's here, my first ever ski trip, and I'm so excited!

After looking around for the best option, we decided to buy our gear from Manor. First of all, renting all the stuff we need for a week would have been only half the price and, while who knows what quality you get at rental places, if we ever choose to ski again our quality gear was already worth it. We then went with Manor because it had amazing deals on the best products. I'm not saying that everything we bought was the best quality, but I was amazed at the good deal we got on the skis and the clothes (Rossignol, Salomon and RipCurl, respectively).

So this weekend we'll finally hit the slopes. I hope they'll be OK as there hasn't been much snow lately... We're also planning to take classes, just to avoid the kind of progress I've made with skating. Taught by friends over the years, I can easily survive on the ice and have lots of fun too but I don't really control my speed and I definitely can't stop. Our ice skating sessions usually start with one of my friends giving me a push and then, when they're about to leave, someone collecting me and dragging me out. I don't really fall, I just go around and around. ^^ The problem with this method is that ski slopes are rarely circular... =D

I'm so excited, you can't imagine! Of course, I'm excited about skiing itself but I'm also really looking forward to putting on all this stuff (I can see that it will take a while till I can leave the house, trudging awkwardly in my ski boots...). And we're going to Chamonix (France), one of the most famous ski resorts of the area! Besides, we're going with one of our dearest friends, renting a cabin together, in the mountains. It's gonna be so much fun! We'll play boardgames and maybe even a bit of D&D and just have general fun. Aaaand, I'll be on holiday, something that's always cool. ^^

I don't know about the facilities, hopefully I'll be able to check my emails etc. on my Kindle 3G, but I guess I won't really be able to post here for a while. But, when I'm back, I'll definitely let you guys know how it went. ;)

Have fun till then.
See you soon.
Bear hugs (with all my gear on I look like a snowball ^^)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mes Bottes Scholl + Wedding Pic ^^

As you could see here and here, I'm sporting two pieces of Scholl's winter collection. And I absolutely love them!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I'm Loving [Drugstore Beauty Products]

I've been on a hunt for good drugstore products for more than a year now. The Swiss market was totally different from what I was used to and it was quite a struggle to set up a beauty routine that would keep me my regular well-moisturized self. =)

Initially I was "importing" stuff from Hungary, but it soon turned out that I just don't have a suitcase that would be big enough for all I need. Besides, it was quite a pain and I often ran out of products between two visits. So, anyway, I thought if we were going to live here (which seems quite sure now) I should start looking for more sustainable options.

Well, it's taken me a while, but I do have a couple of favorites now. Here's some of them. You can get these in any supermarket or drugstore in Switzerland, or at least in most of them. But they're really easy to find.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Walking on Thin Ice [A D&D Adventure]

Here's the intro to the next D&D (4th Ed) adventure I'm DMing. I'm not saying it's perfect narrative, but it's not really meant to be. There's not a lot of descriptions because I would like my players to tell the stories from their perspective and present their characters. This is just to give my players (and now you guys) a feel for the game and make it all the more easier to join in the fun. As we're a small group (2 players and myself), we'll need a fair amount of NPCs, but I think that only adds to the fun. I'm a newbie DM anyway, so I'll make use of the interesting terrain and an intriguing storyline rather than complicated foes and the like.

So this is what it's gonna look like.


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Style #4 [OOTD]

OK, maybe this is nothing special. Not that I wanted it to be. =) This is just a quick shot of what I wear to work, to distinguish myself from the crowd of bankers -- and a bit from teenage fashionistas as well. ;)

So here's the look, I hope you'll like it. I love toning down feminine tops with jeans and cardigans, and these denim leggings are really a godsend!

You guys know how I feel about leggings, but these are a special breed, taking after their "parents" in the best possible way. A blend between overly sturdy jeans and all-too- revealing leggings, they keep you warm without showing too much curves or bulging out. Thumbs up to the trend! ;)


(Promod top; H&M denim leggings -- zip in the back, for a sexy feel and more comfort! ;); H&M cardigan and halterneck top; Scholl booties; my mom's (fake LOL) beads)

Hope you liked it! ;)
The trend be with you all. =D


Yummy Supermarket Fondue -- The Best

OK, guys, this is the real deal.


The Expat Disease

I haven't been the best of bloggers these past weeks, I know. But I've been brought up on the principle that if you have nothing nice to say just keep quiet. And I don't see any point to complaining as I find it a horrible weakness of humanity -- to sit down and plunge into self pity instead of doing one's best to improve whatever conditions might need improving. I believe that as long as you're alive you have the greatest of gifts and of possibilities. You can always take that deep breath and get up.

And yet, it seems that this thing has caught up to me. I had always known it existed, I just thought I would be the last person to give in to it. Maybe I am. (But then I'm afraid, humanity is doomed. =D) That doesn't make it feel any better though, and doesn't make it any less real. It's a strange feeling, as if you were rotting from the inside, and it somehow prevents you to even think of a cure. A cure to the expat disease.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yummy Supermarket Fondue

I know I'm very very late with this post... But. First the picture I wanted to share with you disappeared from my computer, and then, to make it all worse, I could no longer find this awesome product in our local supermarket. So I hope this is not a requiem and we'll soon be able to dip our bread crumbs into this magnificent concoction again!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Style #3 [OOTD]

Hi, there. Here's the next of my favorites.
I love the fluffiness of the sleeves and the skirt. Hope you like it too! ;)

I'm a "Kindler"! :D

OK, not just yet. Well, theoretically I am, but the truth is the device is just getting shipped to me. But I'm so excited! In a strange, reasonable way. =)

Normally, when I'm buying some gadget, I'm excited to start "playing" with it (customizing it and generally having fun exploring its features, should it be a cellphone or a toaster). But this time I'm more excited about... well, reading. All those hundreds of thousands of books that are available for a small fee -- or even free.

So this post is about why I decided to buy a Kindle and how ordering one from Europe actually goes.

Thank you for tuning in and keep reading if you're interested.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Makeup

Hi guys, I'm writing this because recently I've discovered that I've been changing a lot during these past years and I feel quite grown up. Which means that most of my preferences and attitudes are very different from when I started this blog -- and I would say I rather prefer the change.

People have been misunderstanding me most of my life. =D Oh that just sounds really ridiculous! But I think you know what I mean. Not like in a bad/sad way. It's just that I've always looked so different from what I really was. I never blame anyone, looking in the mirror I can totally understand them. =)

One of the most misleading things about me is makeup.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Style #2 [OOTD]

OK, so here's the next of my favorites.
I love this sort of outfit because it's stylish enough for everyday wear but so very comfy. And you might say some of my other clothes are more flattering, but I love that it's so funky and not very clingy. ;) The top is more gathered in the back (like the frills are not so sparse) and a bit shorter, so in fact it's very flattering. =) Hope you like it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pill

I was still chuckling at all the puns that hit me when I was thinking of a title for this one. And then I remembered. This is not a funny story. This is a sad one. Well, it does have a happy ending but that didn't come easy. And I guess I'll never get back all those years of my life I spent nervous and unhappy -- all because of this tiny little thing called the Pill.

Not many people know this about me, though I've often told parts of the story of "this friend of mine" as a shocking testimony. I'm sharing it with you as such now, to tell you about my experience. It's happily behind me now, and I wanted to post about it before I start forgetting it. I know I never will completely, but I don't think about it much these days.

I have to emphasize here that I'm not against contraception. Not at all. But I believe that at the end of the day many options prove to be just as efficient as any other. And what bugs me is that gynecologists tend to overlook many of them. I do understand their point to some extent, that they want girls to be safe and not to worry about them any more. But I think if you're going to take something so strong (I haven't even taken antibiotics in years because I don't consider them necessary most of the time), it's your right to know about the potential consequences and other alternatives.

Friday, January 14, 2011

On Kids ;)

You know the joke about the guy who used to attend funerals as a single man or with a girlfriend. Older relatives would keep asking him "So, honey, are you gonna be next?" Well, they stopped when he started attending funerals and asking them the same...

I don't think this actually ever happened. And I don't think I'd ever do it. But I think the message's clear.

And I guess it would have taken us a lot longer to decide to get married (well, for Him to propose and for me to say yes) had we been to do it under the keen scrutiny of all the people we knew -- and who had promptly asked us during those 10 years. But fortunately we were on foreign waters and no one was nudging us. We were free to think straight and distinguish our wishes from those of others.

So that leaves us with a happy ending, doesn't it? Well, as for marriage, it does. I've still heard a couple of times people sighing and exclaiming "oh, I'd told you you two should get married!" but we only share conspiratory winks and let friends and relatives have their fun. Good that we didn't do it for them. =) However, now there's a new theme to the unending questions, for "it is a universally acknowledged truth" that young people who have fulfilled the criterion of getting promptly married should move onto the next step and reproduce. OK, I guess we are way too cool a chromosome pool for the world to waste but... Here's what I think about having kids.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Style #1 [OOTD]

I wanted to add more festive looks, I really did. But then I couldn't really decide when I was being festive and when it was just... well, my style. So now I've decided to go with that theme because although I would wear these any time (glammed up with accessories or changing some details for more formal occasions), I guess others would consider them strictly everyday. But for me these outfits are very versatile. I think the most stunning look can only be achieved if you're perfectly confident and comfortable in it. I could don a cocktail dress -- but believe me 90% of them would look ridiculous on me. Mostly because I normally don't feel comfortable wearing them.

So here's the first one of my "collection". I hope you like it. ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011! (and Topics for January!)

Happy New Year Everyone!

I left Hungary yesterday and spent much of the journey thinking about my life here and there and whether I had one at all. Not that I'm particularly prone to pessimism and depression. But these past few weeks in Hungary made me think and I wanted to grab at the opportunity. It is such a special experience to see one's life as if from far away and flying hundreds of kilometers above the Earth and being literally neither here nor there helped me understand a lot. This post will not be about my ramblings, though. Instead I'd like to give you all a heads up and list some of the topics that would come up during the course of the next few weeks, as a result of my recent experiences.

So this month you'll see more about