Monday, December 6, 2010

Yuletide Spirit ;)

I love holidays and I especially love Christmas.

Not because of the shopping or gifts or the like. But because for one reason or another (mostly another) people really make an effort to do their best. Streets are decorated and the scents of mulled wine fill the city, shopwindows look gorgeous and as the Day gets closer people try to be nicer and nicer. I know that this time of the year generates a lot of waste, in the form of torn and thrown wrapping paper as well as electricity and the like, but none of it is wasted on me. I sometimes feel like absorbing all the scents and sounds and I definitely fold away wrapping papers (I'm a huge recycler, to the dismay of my husband).

And I do like the effort. Sometimes I really believe the world should be like this. We should always look for little ways to surprise others and be kind and forget our grievances just for the day. I'm afraid human nature would not allow for it though, and I don't harbor any illusions as to a perfect world. But it would be nice regardless. I love the air of "special" that hangs about this time of year and I wish it would linger. But then I guess it wouldn't be special any more.

So I savor every minute of it, drinking it in. I never start before December, just to prevent the Yuletide Spirit from draining out before January 2. But during this one month I'm all for the fun. Decorations all around the apartment, essential oils in the little burner, Christmas lights and all sorts of merriment. ;) I can't wait to be on my way to Hungary to meet my friends and family. But I also enjoy the present moment, as I know this period is so short and then it will be just regular winter again...

I wish you all an awesome holiday season,
stressless shopping
and huge Christmas fun
with the ones you love the most!


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