Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NYE (Gaming Mode: On)

For years and years it was really hard for me to enjoy this evening. As a teenager I was so hard pressed to find the best party and the most popular place to be that I ended up either spending it with only a bunch of my best friends or regretting that I didn't. Although most of the former ones were fun, I felt somehow left out of the huge fun that was New Year's Eve. But when I did choose the latter I kept thinking how very stupid it was to go to a party just because it was NYE. Most of my best parties have had nothing to do with any particular date (save for our wedding) and my New Year's parties were notorious failures.

Until recently.
For a couple of years ago I found myself in a group of friends discussing how these parties suck and how difficult it is to do anything fun on NYE because everyone's attending them. Then we realized. We needed a renegade party. So we founded the Gamers' New Year Parade, and it's been my official New Year's program for three years.

So it sounds a little geek.
So what? I can assure you that it's not -- but at least that puts the clubbers off. =)
What we do is play with our fav boardgames and try a couple of new ones, eat some delicious stuff and listen to some cool music, all the while talking a lot and having lots of fun. Normally there's not much dancing but there are so many opportunities for that during the year that I'm not really missing it. Not because I don't like clubbing. But I don't think I have to dance or drink to let my hair down. There are many other ways as well. Whenever I try to explain to someone why I love these parties, I can see that they don't come through as fun as they really are. I guess it's because most people wouldn't enjoy sitting around with their friends talking and laughing -- and playing boardgames. It's their loss. =)

This year it will be a little different. We've changed the venue, and a lot of 'friends of friends' are coming. So I guess it will be a little more party-ish. But we also have a number of new games to try and the 'older members' are coming as well. I'm planning to compile a list of the games we've played and tell you guys why we liked them. So keep tuned for that.

Oh, and
Happy New Year
Everyone! ;)

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