Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas -- From Snowy Hungary

As much as I like Christmas, I have to say that this one's been (yes, it's still 'on') the best one I can remember. It's difficult to say why. But there've been a couple of things I really liked.

Well, I'll admit it was pretty annoying when I had to trudge through it when walking to work in Geneva. But it's the most wonderful Christmas background and now that I'm sitting next to a warm fire and think back on the afternoon spent sleighing, I can't but love it.

I guess this should've come first but the view outside just made me think of the snow. Anyway, since I've been living away from my family, times such as Christmas, when we all get together, have become especially dear to me. Christmas without family would be so sad and blank and not 'Christmasy' at all.

They're almost just as important. I love my friends so much and miss them a lot. I am always looking forward to meeting them and during the holidays there are many opportunities to gather a bunch of them and have some fun.

My hubby
OK, I know this sounds cheesy. But it's just so much better to have someone to hug any time I feel like it, and Christmas makes me wanna hug someone big time. Besides, since we're married buying gifts has become a lot simpler as well. We have twice the money and I can always blame him for clumsy wrapping. (Just kidding, I would never ever do that! XD) I guess the best part is that we can share all the fun and any time there's anything that could spoil our festive spirit (burned, broken, spilled, etc. stuff, anyone?), we can just laugh it off. I know I've said this already (a couple of times), but I just love the fact that we're a lot like buddies and can have so much fun together! I really hope we'll stick together for a long time, because I would feel awfully sorry for any future partner of ours who had to put up with us being such great 'cronies'. Yeah, well, not only because of that. But I'm sure you get what I mean.

OK, Gifts
I'm not really a 'material girl'. And I don't need a lot to be happy. What I really love about gifts is the giving (and the getting) part. I love picking out things that my friends and relatives would love. I love wrapping them up nice and I love their faces when they tear the packages apart. =)
Let's be fair. I also like getting gifts. Not because I'm especially fond of material possessions. First I love the fact that my friends and relatives have picked them especially for me, that they've thought of me.
And then there are the gifts themselves. I don't know about others but my family (and my friends as well) have always been really good at finding out what I like. I guess I'm not hard to please. =)
But this Christmas they've done an exceptionally good job. Wanna know how? Well, I bet it wouldn't work for everyone but most girls (and even guys) I know love the gorgeous handmade cosmetics that are so fashionable nowadays. They might take the form of yummy smelling bath globes or shower and hand cremes that you just want to taste they look so gorgeous. And they make excellent gifts. Who wouldn't want to pamper themselves?

I could go on and on, listing lights and cakes and what not. But those are usually part of the festivities. What's been really special this year, though is that somehow even more love has been stuffed into this short period of celebration. I guess we cherish each others' company more now that we see each other less often. But I would never have thought that this was possible.

Hugs and kisses
and Happy Holidays! ;)


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