Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bern, Baby!

It's so exciting!

We're having some friends over from Hungary and there will be so many awesome things to do this weekend. I can't wait!

First off, on Friday, we'll go to Bern. I've picked up a bunch of daily train tickets* and we'll leave in the morning and spend the day there. I've never been to another Swiss city, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Then on Saturday the Escalade starts, so I guess after a comfortable breakfast we'll head to the Old Town to "revel" in the specialties. We're really lucky this year, as last year it was freezing cold. But I'm prepared not to leave anything to luck. If need be my woolen stockings are at the ready! =)

* This is amazing, guys, you should definitely try it once in Switzerland! Bought at the local tourist office (Pont de la Machine in our case), they're valid for a certain day on all SBB/CFF lines. Isn't that awesome? And they're only  CHF 35, so it's a lot cheaper than plain tickets, even if you have demi-tarif. You need someone, though, with a local residence (permit) to buy them. Worth a try, huh? But be quick, for they sell out weeks in advance! ;)

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