Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bern, Baby! [The One After ;)]

Uhh... I can't upload any more photos. I'll soon find something to replace picasa, but for the time being I'll just comment on our trip -- which was awesome!

The city is so cute with its medieval feel, beautiful fountains and bears, yes, bears. I've already said that Swiss towns remind me of city sized amusement parks, and Bern is no exception. Its Old Town is a lot bigger than that of Geneva, it's like a town of its own. And that was all we needed.

Christmas markets and bears, mulled wine and rösti, we had a hell lot of fun. It's just the perfect day trip, especially if you have a CFF daily card. Otherwise it might get a little expensive.

First we walked around, admiring the atmosphere and architecture of the town, having some mulled wine and a lot of fun at the Christmas Market in Waisenhausplatz. Then when toes felt a little numb (it is sooo much colder in Bern!) we decided to hunt down some local specialties for lunch.

We had some rösti and sausages at the Odeon Rathaus (Gerechtigkeitsgasse 78) and all was delicious. Then we headed for the Bear Park, which was an outstanding experience, with the 4-year-old cubs and the two older bears acting cute and funny on the hillside. I'd read reviews of their old home and how sad and small that was, so I was really happy to see them roam about. Zoos should be like this. If you really have to have animals living in captivity, they should be allowed a healthy and happy life! If zoos were more like this, I'd visit them a lot more often.

We also checked out the Berner Münster, with its funnily grotesque gargoyles. I hope I'll be able to upload some pics soon...

I don't know why the Zytglogge wasn't working properly. Well, we did enjoy the little it did, but I was expecting minutes of animation... Maybe next time. Perhaps 4 pm was too late for it to do anything more, I don't know.

After that we took a couple of pics of the Bundeshaus and slowly headed back to the train station, stopping at fountains and the Christmas Market once again.

Oh my, it was really amazing. But I'm glad to be back. With the little work I have and my constant feeling of being a foreigner, even in international-intercultural Geneva, I can see that I would be a little depressed were I to live in Bern. I mean it's cute and all that. But still it's a lot less welcoming than the French and Italian speaking cities of the south.

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