Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NYE (Gaming Mode: On)

For years and years it was really hard for me to enjoy this evening. As a teenager I was so hard pressed to find the best party and the most popular place to be that I ended up either spending it with only a bunch of my best friends or regretting that I didn't. Although most of the former ones were fun, I felt somehow left out of the huge fun that was New Year's Eve. But when I did choose the latter I kept thinking how very stupid it was to go to a party just because it was NYE. Most of my best parties have had nothing to do with any particular date (save for our wedding) and my New Year's parties were notorious failures.

Until recently.
For a couple of years ago I found myself in a group of friends discussing how these parties suck and how difficult it is to do anything fun on NYE because everyone's attending them. Then we realized. We needed a renegade party. So we founded the Gamers' New Year Parade, and it's been my official New Year's program for three years.

So it sounds a little geek.
So what? I can assure you that it's not -- but at least that puts the clubbers off. =)
What we do is play with our fav boardgames and try a couple of new ones, eat some delicious stuff and listen to some cool music, all the while talking a lot and having lots of fun. Normally there's not much dancing but there are so many opportunities for that during the year that I'm not really missing it. Not because I don't like clubbing. But I don't think I have to dance or drink to let my hair down. There are many other ways as well. Whenever I try to explain to someone why I love these parties, I can see that they don't come through as fun as they really are. I guess it's because most people wouldn't enjoy sitting around with their friends talking and laughing -- and playing boardgames. It's their loss. =)

This year it will be a little different. We've changed the venue, and a lot of 'friends of friends' are coming. So I guess it will be a little more party-ish. But we also have a number of new games to try and the 'older members' are coming as well. I'm planning to compile a list of the games we've played and tell you guys why we liked them. So keep tuned for that.

Oh, and
Happy New Year
Everyone! ;)

Merry Christmas -- From Snowy Hungary

As much as I like Christmas, I have to say that this one's been (yes, it's still 'on') the best one I can remember. It's difficult to say why. But there've been a couple of things I really liked.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Being Bilingual...

Technically I don't qualify.
I was born and raised in the same country, the language of which was the mother tongue of all my closest family.
I don't know if it's in our genes, though, or rather in my curiously multicultural family history, but a love for languages has been passed onto me and by the time the Berlin Wall fell I was ready to absorb all linguistic influences flooding in from that direction. And there were plenty about.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bern, Baby! [The One After ;)]

Uhh... I can't upload any more photos. I'll soon find something to replace picasa, but for the time being I'll just comment on our trip -- which was awesome!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yes, I've just bought out Marmite for this year's Escalade.

If you don't know what all the buzz is about, check out www.1602.ch for more info! ;)

Our 'victim' this year is made of milk chocolate and is from Auer again. I loved last year's dark chocolate one but, always the one for change, I wanted to try something new. I was considering buying it somewhere else, just to give the other stores a chance but looking through their wares I liked the appearance and price of the Auer ones the most. I'm not really a cheapo considering I'm willing to pay almost CHF40 for the thing, but I would definitely not go to hundreds. Soooo, I ended up buying it at Auer's again. Actually they're really good and they look a lot nicer than the slightly more expensive ones across the street.

Well, tomorrow it's Bern (the coolest map here!) and then all the fun begins! With marmites and marches and fondues and mulled wine! I can't wait! If you're in Geneva, it's a must. Vive l'Escalade! =D

Chocolate kisses and spicy hugs
from Geneva! ;)

Your Geneva news, given to you by fleur

Bern, Baby!

It's so exciting!

We're having some friends over from Hungary and there will be so many awesome things to do this weekend. I can't wait!

First off, on Friday, we'll go to Bern. I've picked up a bunch of daily train tickets* and we'll leave in the morning and spend the day there. I've never been to another Swiss city, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Then on Saturday the Escalade starts, so I guess after a comfortable breakfast we'll head to the Old Town to "revel" in the specialties. We're really lucky this year, as last year it was freezing cold. But I'm prepared not to leave anything to luck. If need be my woolen stockings are at the ready! =)

* This is amazing, guys, you should definitely try it once in Switzerland! Bought at the local tourist office (Pont de la Machine in our case), they're valid for a certain day on all SBB/CFF lines. Isn't that awesome? And they're only  CHF 35, so it's a lot cheaper than plain tickets, even if you have demi-tarif. You need someone, though, with a local residence (permit) to buy them. Worth a try, huh? But be quick, for they sell out weeks in advance! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yuletide Spirit ;)

I love holidays and I especially love Christmas.

Not because of the shopping or gifts or the like. But because for one reason or another (mostly another) people really make an effort to do their best. Streets are decorated and the scents of mulled wine fill the city, shopwindows look gorgeous and as the Day gets closer people try to be nicer and nicer. I know that this time of the year generates a lot of waste, in the form of torn and thrown wrapping paper as well as electricity and the like, but none of it is wasted on me. I sometimes feel like absorbing all the scents and sounds and I definitely fold away wrapping papers (I'm a huge recycler, to the dismay of my husband).

And I do like the effort. Sometimes I really believe the world should be like this. We should always look for little ways to surprise others and be kind and forget our grievances just for the day. I'm afraid human nature would not allow for it though, and I don't harbor any illusions as to a perfect world. But it would be nice regardless. I love the air of "special" that hangs about this time of year and I wish it would linger. But then I guess it wouldn't be special any more.

So I savor every minute of it, drinking it in. I never start before December, just to prevent the Yuletide Spirit from draining out before January 2. But during this one month I'm all for the fun. Decorations all around the apartment, essential oils in the little burner, Christmas lights and all sorts of merriment. ;) I can't wait to be on my way to Hungary to meet my friends and family. But I also enjoy the present moment, as I know this period is so short and then it will be just regular winter again...

I wish you all an awesome holiday season,
stressless shopping
and huge Christmas fun
with the ones you love the most!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

How I Got Good Skin

I looked much the same at 13 as I look today. So (as much as I ever matured) I can say that I matured early. As a result, I never suffered much from puberty and I don't remember having any skin problems at that time. Actually, I remember that, until quite recently, my skin has been revered as one of the softest and clearest among my friends and relatives. I put it down to my never having gone through a major hormonal havoc, and partially I was right.

So you can imagine what a shock it was when I started having all sorts of problems, which, as I later learned, are nowadays labeled adult acne and are a newfound challenge to dermatologists. Adult acne is different from teenage skin problems in a number of ways and can range from mere annoyances to more serious conditions. I counted myself among those fortunate enough not to develop very bad skin, but I was still furious at all that caused it. For I knew very well that the only thing that could have messed up my hormones was the Pill I had stopped taking a couple of weeks before. From then on, with the sudden drop of "mature" hormones in my system, I was back in junior high -- the kind I'd never been to.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

I've never lived on the southern hemisphere, so in my mind Christmas and the holiday season is closely associated with cold weather. Not necessarily snow, because winters in Hungary haven't been the same lately (though last year was pretty snowy), but cold nonetheless.

But this!

Guys, this is amazing. Very beautiful and very scary at the same time.
I spend much of my time outside, walking from one class to another, and all this snow takes me back to the time of my great grandfathers. Traffic is really slow, buses are scarce, and people are wearing rubber or sturdy boots and ski jackets. The whole town seems to have slowed and the usual throngs are missing from the snowy streets.

I don't know if it's to be considered good or bad in general, but I really like the fact that no salt or sand is poured onto the streets. Some say they're saved for the highways but I put it down to environmentalism and smile when trudging the 30 cm deep snow.

Oh, well, I guess I'll need to get some of those boots. This snow doesn't seem to be stopping soon.

Hugz and snowflakes
from Geneva
with love.


Cool with Style

Madonna lied to us guys. Getting frozen has nothing to do with your open heart (which, to keep the pun, is hard to keep when friends are out to harm you, as Axl told us).

So if I was going to get snowed on I decided to do in it style. =)

Look at my half mitts! (Sounds like some Jewish ceremony...) All (except the silk bow, which had spent its former life as a hair clip) from H&M, which is my go-to place for items I must buy but don't want to spend a lot on. (BTW, thumbs up for the weird nose, I guess it's the flash but I could claim some Cirano-esque heritage...XD)

Thanx so much for reading. ;)
Happy holidays, guys!