Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pre-Holiday Diet ;)

Hi there. I'm posting this because I feel promises are easier to keep once written down. =)

I have to start with a disclaimer, before I tell you about the diet itself. First of all I'm not doing it to get thinner or anything. The actual "trigger" was that I just ate too many sweet things yesterday and felt really sick afterward.Sick in my case usually doesn't mean sick but with my really crazy blood pressure and blood sugar level, if I eat too much "quick" sugar in one go I just feel really queer and sometimes even pass out. So I try to avoid it. I can absolutely eat what I want weight wise. I have a totally normal figure and I don't often eat a lot, my stomach's pretty forthcoming about when it's full and I don't normally eat just for the fun of it. I used to be really weird about eating, but since I don't take any medicine that would influence my weight I'm just really normal about it. So I don't have a disorder, I don't think I'm fat or anything. So this diet is about health -- because I know I might not be such a good girl during Christmas time. =)

Well, the actual decision I made was
not to eat any sweets and "quick" sugars (white bread, pasta, pizza, etc.) till Christmas!

We'll see how it goes, I won't force myself, I mean if I'm really really craving that cake everyone's having then I'll have a bite or a slice. Normally it's better to give in a little than go on craving and cracking for something worse. So I won't go crazy but I really want to give my body some time to relax before I eat all that stuff my friends and family prepare.

So that's it, I hope this wasn't very boring. It might actually inspire some to eat healthy for a while before Christmas time. Though in many countries Thanxgiving might interfere. But it might be a good kick to start a healthy diet between the two holidays...

Have a very nice weekend! ;)



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